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WWE Raw Results 9/2/2013 - 9th Sept 2013

Here are the WWE Raw Results held on 9/2/2013...

Triple H comes out with The Shield to introduce the "face of the WWE", Randy Orton, then the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. Orton says it's his responsibility to protect the company, and people will be dealt with if they disrespect him or the company. He says Daniel Bryan is a good example, because Bryan defaced his new Cadillac Escalade, and he had no choice but to retaliate. They play a clip from Smackdown of Orton spray painting 'NO' on Bryan's chest, then he asks if they really think Bryan should face him at Night of Champions. Orton says no, and Bryan has no chance of beating him because he will be nothing more than a B+ player here in WWE. Orton asks if Bryan should give up his title shot and says YES, he should, then HHH says it's his job to ensure WWE puts out the best product they possibly could.

HHH says another job he has is to ensure the health and welfare of the roster, but he's been wondering about Bryan's health because he keeps getting into bad situations. He says the fans don't help because they keep chanting 'YES', and that's a problem because they are making Bryan think he's popular. HHH says Bryan is confusing popularity with 'best for business', and he wants to give them an example of why popularity never works. HHH talks about Doink the Clown being popular, but he wasn't championship material, just like Bryan isn't, but he won't stop him from trying. He says he could bring back the Cruiserweight or European Championships, and that would be fine for Bryan, but he isn't best for the WWE Championship.

Bryan comes out and says he's honored to be compared to Doink, but he doesn't think people chanted for him in 1992, and he's looking at two clowns now. Bryan says they want him to give up his title shot, and he understands it, because HHH gave up being a man when he cut his hair and went corporate. He says Orton basically gave up being in the title picture until someone handed it to him, then Bryan asks the crowd what they think about giving up his match. Bryan says the answer is the same as if Orton is more manly than Stephanie McMahon, then he starts a NO chant until Orton cuts him off. Bryan says Orton has never heard no, but he's always been told he can't do something, like being a World Champion. Bryan says the doubt made him who he is, and Orton will never understand how it is because he's always been given everything. Bryan says he knows he can beat Orton, and deep down Orton and HHH know it, otherwise they wouldn't put him in gauntlet matches and beat him up. He says they know what the fans know, and Orton might have the genetics of a champion, but he has no heart and he just acts like a big dog. HHH cuts him off and says he is too angry, but his anger is misdirected because Bryan should be mad at Big Show, who watches him get beat up every week. He says Show stands and watches the attacks, but Bryan can get his anger out in tonight's main event when he faces Big Show one on one.

HHH and Orton are shown walking backstage bragging about making Bryan and Big Show fighting, then they run into Cody Rhodes and say hello. Cody says tonight's main event should be good if no one gets involved, and HHH asks him what exactly he means by that. Cody says with all due respect, Orton versus Bryan is good for business, then HHH tells him that he decides what is good for business, not him. HHH says Cody is probably busy planning his wedding, one that he didn't get invited to, but he did get him a wedding present, a match with Orton tonight. Cody says it's a honor, but HHH says Cody needs to win or he won't be here much longer, and there's a lot riding on him coming through.

Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) vs The Miz

Miz takes Fandango down and goes for an early Figure Four, but Fandango rolls outside so Miz kicks him though the ropes. Miz throws him into the barricade and dances with Summer Rae, then he slides in the ring and gets a near fall rollup. Miz takes Fandango down and gets another near fall, then he applies a side headlock but Fandango throws him into the ropes, so Miz hits a clothesline. Miz kicks him in the face and applies a chinlock as we go to a break, then we get back to see Fandango whip Miz into the ropes. Fandango throws him headfirst into the turnbuckles and chokes him on the ropes, then Summer hits Miz in the face while Fandango taunts the crowd. Miz comes back with a legwhip from the middle rope, then goes for a Figure Four but Fandango kicks him back and avoids a corner clothesline. Fandango hits him and connects with a springboard legd lariat, then he goes for a pin but Miz counters with a Figure Four and makes him tap out.

Winner - The Miz

Daniel Bryan is shown getting ready when Booker T approaches him, and Booker wants a word with him but Bryan says he is busy getting ready. Booker says he insists, and he knows Bryan wants to fight HHH and Orton, but he needs to think about his decision because he is better than wrestling in gyms. He suggests Bryan think about giving up his title shot, but Bryan says Booker should tell him he didn't just say that. Bryan says he fought too long and too hard, but Booker says he doesn't know what he's up against because HHH's power reaches farther than Bryan knows of.

Dolph Ziggler vs ???

Dean Ambrose runs out and attacks Dolph from behind, then he kicks him in the head a few times and throws him shoulder first into the ringpost. Ambrose taunts Dolph as Ryback is revealed as the opponent, then he makes his way down to the ring and Dolph struggles to his feet as the bell rings. Dolph throws an elbow but Ryback takes him down with a quick suplex, then he repeatedly elbows him in the face and chokes him. Ryback throws him across the ring and slams his head on the mat, then he hits Dolph a few more times before he whips him headfirst into the corner. Ryback winds up for a Meathook but Dolph surprises him with a dropkick, then Dolph splashes him and hits several mounted punches in the corner. Ryback throws him into the ropes and drops him with a Meathook, then he lifts him up and ends it with Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner - Ryback

Brad Maddox walks into HHH and Stephanie's office and tells them Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan, but they tell him that Show is wrong. Maddox tells them where Show's locker room is, but Stephanie says this will be a very public conversation, because that's how she rolls, then she walks out of the room. Stephanie heads to the ring and says she wants to bring out someone who helped her when she first started out, then she calls Big Show down to the ring so she could speak with him. Stephanie says Show taught her that it's OK to do things you don't agree with, and he needs to think of the consequences because he is broke. She mentions he made some bad financial decisions, then she says his 'iron clad contract' will be void if he refuses to compete and fulfill his duties. Stephanie gets to him a bit more when she tells him he could end up fired, and he should think of his family because giants don't usually live as long as normal sized people do. She says he needs to compete tonight and do the right thing, but he is most of all hurting her, then she hugs him and walks away as he starts to cry.

3MB (w/ Drew McIntyre) vs Prime Time Players

Slater taunts Titus' bark but Titus throws him in the corner, then he hits Slater a few times and stomps him while he blows his whistle at him. Young tags in and gets a near fall, then Slater tackles him in the corner and tags Jinder, who hits a shoulder block before Young comes back with an atomic drop. Young gets a near fall before Jinder whips him in the corner, but Young kicks him in the head and goes up top, only to have Jinder sweep his legs. Slater gets back in and stomps Young a few times, then he slingshots him throat first into the bottom rope before he applies a side headlock.

Young makes it to his feet but Slater slams him down and tags out, then Jinder stomps Young a few times and chokes him with his boot. Slater kicks Young while Jinder has him in a front facelock, then he applies a side headlock but Young breaks it with some elbows and a headbutt. Slater kicks him and runs back at him, but Young takes him down with a belly-to-belly throw before Titus finally gets the hot tag. Titus hits a few clotheslines and a release fallaway slam, then he kicks Jinder in the head and makes a cover but Slater breaks up the pin. Young runs back in and takes Slater out, then he attacks Drew on the apron as Titus drops Jinder with a sit out spinebuster for the win.

Winners - Prime Time Players

Paul Heyman interrupts Brad Maddox's phone call and tells him to ask how he is, then he says he is in a bad mood because Maddox put him in a match with CM Punk. Heyman says they'd never see him again if Punk got his hands on him, and Maddox all but guaranteed it by booking him in a match in Night of Champions. He says he doesn't think it's good for business, then HHH walks in and says he heard them talking about business, and he thought that was his cue to step in. HHH excuses Maddox from the room, then he tells Heyman he approved the match but it's not about their history together. HHH says he did this so Heyman doesn't weasel his way out of this, and if he does, good, but Punk could also give him the beating of a lifetime. He says no matter what happens, he wins, so he thinks that is what is best for business, then he leaves a surprised Heyman alone in the room.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

Orton ties up with Cody and elbows him in the corner, then Cody comes back with a few boots to the stomach before whipping Orton across the ring. Orton kicks him in the head and throws him out on the floor, then he tries to send him into the steps but Cody blocks it and sends Orton into them. Cody rolls him in and gets a near fall before putting him in a side headlock, then Orton breaks it but Cody comes back with a dropkick for a near fall. Cody punches him and counters a corner whip with a clothesline, then he chokes Orton on the ropes until the ref calls for a break. Orton pokes him in the eye and punches him in the chest a few times, then he stomps him and hits some mounted punches before going for an Irish whip.

Cody counters with a suplex and some mounted punches, then Orton frees himself and punches Cody in the back before hitting a backbreaker from the middle rope. Cody rolls outside as we go to a break, then we get back to see Orton kick Cody on the floor and suplex him onto the side of the barricade. Orton punches him in the head and rolls him inside, then he applies a side headlock but Cody breaks it and kicks him in the face. Cody clotheslines him and connects with a dropdown punch, then he heads to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick for a close near fall. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Orton ducks, so Cody shoves him back into the turnbuckles and successfully hits a Disaster Kick for a near fall.

Cody heads up top but Orton steps away from a moonsault attempt, then he hits a hanging DDT and sets up for a RKO, but Cody counters with Cross Rhodes. Cody gets a very close near fall and can't believe it, then he goes after Orton on the apron but Orton snaps his head on the ropes. Cody comes back with a quick elbow and a rollup, then he goes for another Disaster Kick but Orton ducks and Cody looks to have injured his knee. Orton sees it and kicks his leg out from under him, then he picks Cody up and drops him with a RKO to pick up the win. HHH comes out and says he fought with heart and gave it his all, and he respects Cody, but this is business. He says you need winners in business and he can't let personal feelings cloud his mind, so he regrets to inform Cody that he is fired.

Winner - Randy Orton

CM Punk comes out and says he doesn't say 'I promise' a lot, but he is done with empty threats and trying to figure out what to say next. He asks if they saw what happened to him last week, then he holds up a kendo stick and says he is done with words. Punk says he is dressed to wrestle, but wrestling isn't on his mind because he wants to fight, and he wants to fight Paul Heyman. He says he'll fight Curtis Axel if it means getting at Heyman, and he'd call them out right now but he knows they'd back out. Punk says it doesn't matter because he still looks forward to Night of Champions, and that's where he is going to give Heyman a biblical sized ass kicking.

Punk says he wants to speak to all of the people in the arena and to his family, and he wants to address the people who bought his shirt and who made signs for him. He says there are thirteen days until he guarantees he gets past Curtis Axel, and he guarantees he gets his hands on Paul Heyman. Punk says they are going to see a new side of him if they order Night of Champions, and he's OK with it, but some people might not enjoy what happens. Punk says Heyman won't like what happens to him, and Heyman says Punk broke his heart, but Punk says he'll break Heyman's face, and promises on it.

Daniel Bryan is shown warming up for his match when Big Show walks in, and Bryan asks him if he can help him with something. Show says he didn't want this fight, and he's under a lot of pressure, but Bryan says it doesn't matter. Bryan says he doesn't care who he has to beat to prove himself, but Show tells him to think of the consequences. Show says he should look at what happened to Cody Rhodes tonight, and he says things are getting very real. Bryan says the only thing that's real is that he is going out to the ring and beating him tonight, then he walks away as Show gets upset and shakes his head.

Number #1 Contender's Match (Divas Championship)
Natalya vs Brie Bella vs Naomi

Brie kicks Natalya but Naomi dropkicks her, then Natalya tries to roll her up but Brie breaks it up and throws Natalya into the corner. Brie drops Naomi with a facebuster, then she hits her on the apron before kneeing Natalya in the face. Naomi comes back in with a springboard pin attempt, then Natalya breaks it up and throws Brie outside. Natalya attempts a Sharpshooter on Naomi but Naomi reverses it and gets a near fall, then she tries it again as Brie heads up top. Natalya catches her but Naomi takes them both down with the Rear View, then she makes a cover but AJ Lee (at commentary) runs in and attacks them. Brie stomps AJ and everyone else goes after AJ, then the ref finally gains control and the rest of the Divas leave AJ laying in the ring.

Result - No Contest

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)

Sandow kicks RVD in the corner and whips him across the ring, but RVD comes back with a spinning heel kick and goes for a hurricanrana attempt. Sandow blocks it and powerbombs him for a near fall, then he sends him into the ropes but RVD kicks him in the face and goes for a rollup. Sandow kicks him in the face and puts him in a headlock, then RVD tries to break it so Sandow pulls his hair and slams him down on the mat. He tries to throw him in the corner but RVD blocks it and kicks him in the face, then he tries to go up top but Alberto Del Rio's music cues up as he walks onto the stage. RVD gets distracted so Sandow kicks him out of the ring, then we get back from a break to see Sandow holding RVD in a headlock.

RVD tries to break it so Sandow suplexes him, then he goes back to the headlock but RVD fights his way out and tries to springboard off the ropes. Sandow avoids it and slams him on the mat, but RVD comes back with a thrust kick and a few punches before Sandow hits a side Russian legsweep. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain for two, then he applies a double chicken wing and headbutts RVD, but RVD elbows out so Sandow drop toe holds him into the ropes. He hits RVD a few more times and goes for a suplex, but RVD counters with a rollup before hitting some clotheslines. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and goes for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Sandow pulls him off the ropes and tries to roll him up from behind. RVD kicks out so Sandow throws him outside, but RVD holds the ropes and snaps his head down before hitting a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner - Rob Van Dam

Cody Rhodes is being shown leaving the building with security, and Josh Mathews catches up with him and asks him to comment on being fired. Cody says Randy Orton beat him fair and square, and he lost, but the stipulation of him losing doesn't surprise him because the McMahons always hated the Rhodes family. He says the took away his goals and dreams, and his father was a huge star but Vince McMahon put him in polka dots and made him dance. Cody says his brother was a great star too, but they put him in gold paint and he's never been the same since then. Cody says he has a wife to provide for now and has to figure things out, then Mathews asks if he spoke with her yet, but Cody just walks away and slams the exit door closed on his way out.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show

Big Show tells Bryan he doesn't want to do this but Bryan just charges him and kicks him, then Show tries to reason with him again but Bryan goes back after him. Show throws him outside but Bryan runs back in and dropkicks his knees, then he gets a near fall before hitting two consecutive corner dropkicks. Bryan goes for a third but Show kicks him in the face, then he chops him and throws him across the ring and screams at him. Show says he doesn't want to hurt him, then he bodyslams him and tries to talk to Bryan, but Bryan gets up and kicks him so Show hits a shoulder tackle. Show tells him to stop but Bryan hits him with a running forearm, then Show punches him in the corner and whips him across the ring. Show splashes him in the corner and hits the ropes, but Bryan dropkicks his knee and repeatedly kicks him in the chest. Show blocks the last kick and chokes him, but Bryan kicks him in the knee and hits a DDT for a two count.

Bryan heads up top and jumps, but Show spears him midair and calls for a Knockout Punch. Show changes his mind and tries to leave, but HHH comes out with The Shield and orders him to get in the ring and finish the match. Show says no and starts to leave, but The Shield runs in and attacks Bryan so Show runs back in the ring and tries to chase them off. HHH gets in his way and tells him to do the right thing, then HHH tells him he should back up and think of his family before he acts. The Shield take Bryan out with a triple powerbomb and Show starts to lose his composure, but HHH tells him to get it together and knock Bryan out. Show reluctantly puts up his fist and aims for Bryan's head, but he changes his mind and leaves the ring. Show begs for HHH to leave him alone, but Stephanie comes out and says it's his last chance, so Show walks back and knocks Bryan out before leaving the ring. HHH and Stephanie walk backstage with him and tell him he did the right thing, then Randy Orton walks out and stares at Show before raising his title over Bryan in the ring.

Result - No Contest

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