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WWE Diva Aksana Wallpapers | Aksana Pics

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Monday, September 2, 2013

WWE Raw Results 9/2/2013 - 9th Sept 2013

Here are the WWE Raw Results held on 9/2/2013...

Triple H comes out with The Shield to introduce the "face of the WWE", Randy Orton, then the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. Orton says it's his responsibility to protect the company, and people will be dealt with if they disrespect him or the company. He says Daniel Bryan is a good example, because Bryan defaced his new Cadillac Escalade, and he had no choice but to retaliate. They play a clip from Smackdown of Orton spray painting 'NO' on Bryan's chest, then he asks if they really think Bryan should face him at Night of Champions. Orton says no, and Bryan has no chance of beating him because he will be nothing more than a B+ player here in WWE. Orton asks if Bryan should give up his title shot and says YES, he should, then HHH says it's his job to ensure WWE puts out the best product they possibly could.

HHH says another job he has is to ensure the health and welfare of the roster, but he's been wondering about Bryan's health because he keeps getting into bad situations. He says the fans don't help because they keep chanting 'YES', and that's a problem because they are making Bryan think he's popular. HHH says Bryan is confusing popularity with 'best for business', and he wants to give them an example of why popularity never works. HHH talks about Doink the Clown being popular, but he wasn't championship material, just like Bryan isn't, but he won't stop him from trying. He says he could bring back the Cruiserweight or European Championships, and that would be fine for Bryan, but he isn't best for the WWE Championship.

Bryan comes out and says he's honored to be compared to Doink, but he doesn't think people chanted for him in 1992, and he's looking at two clowns now. Bryan says they want him to give up his title shot, and he understands it, because HHH gave up being a man when he cut his hair and went corporate. He says Orton basically gave up being in the title picture until someone handed it to him, then Bryan asks the crowd what they think about giving up his match. Bryan says the answer is the same as if Orton is more manly than Stephanie McMahon, then he starts a NO chant until Orton cuts him off. Bryan says Orton has never heard no, but he's always been told he can't do something, like being a World Champion. Bryan says the doubt made him who he is, and Orton will never understand how it is because he's always been given everything. Bryan says he knows he can beat Orton, and deep down Orton and HHH know it, otherwise they wouldn't put him in gauntlet matches and beat him up. He says they know what the fans know, and Orton might have the genetics of a champion, but he has no heart and he just acts like a big dog. HHH cuts him off and says he is too angry, but his anger is misdirected because Bryan should be mad at Big Show, who watches him get beat up every week. He says Show stands and watches the attacks, but Bryan can get his anger out in tonight's main event when he faces Big Show one on one.

HHH and Orton are shown walking backstage bragging about making Bryan and Big Show fighting, then they run into Cody Rhodes and say hello. Cody says tonight's main event should be good if no one gets involved, and HHH asks him what exactly he means by that. Cody says with all due respect, Orton versus Bryan is good for business, then HHH tells him that he decides what is good for business, not him. HHH says Cody is probably busy planning his wedding, one that he didn't get invited to, but he did get him a wedding present, a match with Orton tonight. Cody says it's a honor, but HHH says Cody needs to win or he won't be here much longer, and there's a lot riding on him coming through.

Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) vs The Miz

Miz takes Fandango down and goes for an early Figure Four, but Fandango rolls outside so Miz kicks him though the ropes. Miz throws him into the barricade and dances with Summer Rae, then he slides in the ring and gets a near fall rollup. Miz takes Fandango down and gets another near fall, then he applies a side headlock but Fandango throws him into the ropes, so Miz hits a clothesline. Miz kicks him in the face and applies a chinlock as we go to a break, then we get back to see Fandango whip Miz into the ropes. Fandango throws him headfirst into the turnbuckles and chokes him on the ropes, then Summer hits Miz in the face while Fandango taunts the crowd. Miz comes back with a legwhip from the middle rope, then goes for a Figure Four but Fandango kicks him back and avoids a corner clothesline. Fandango hits him and connects with a springboard legd lariat, then he goes for a pin but Miz counters with a Figure Four and makes him tap out.

Winner - The Miz

Daniel Bryan is shown getting ready when Booker T approaches him, and Booker wants a word with him but Bryan says he is busy getting ready. Booker says he insists, and he knows Bryan wants to fight HHH and Orton, but he needs to think about his decision because he is better than wrestling in gyms. He suggests Bryan think about giving up his title shot, but Bryan says Booker should tell him he didn't just say that. Bryan says he fought too long and too hard, but Booker says he doesn't know what he's up against because HHH's power reaches farther than Bryan knows of.

Dolph Ziggler vs ???

Dean Ambrose runs out and attacks Dolph from behind, then he kicks him in the head a few times and throws him shoulder first into the ringpost. Ambrose taunts Dolph as Ryback is revealed as the opponent, then he makes his way down to the ring and Dolph struggles to his feet as the bell rings. Dolph throws an elbow but Ryback takes him down with a quick suplex, then he repeatedly elbows him in the face and chokes him. Ryback throws him across the ring and slams his head on the mat, then he hits Dolph a few more times before he whips him headfirst into the corner. Ryback winds up for a Meathook but Dolph surprises him with a dropkick, then Dolph splashes him and hits several mounted punches in the corner. Ryback throws him into the ropes and drops him with a Meathook, then he lifts him up and ends it with Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner - Ryback

Brad Maddox walks into HHH and Stephanie's office and tells them Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan, but they tell him that Show is wrong. Maddox tells them where Show's locker room is, but Stephanie says this will be a very public conversation, because that's how she rolls, then she walks out of the room. Stephanie heads to the ring and says she wants to bring out someone who helped her when she first started out, then she calls Big Show down to the ring so she could speak with him. Stephanie says Show taught her that it's OK to do things you don't agree with, and he needs to think of the consequences because he is broke. She mentions he made some bad financial decisions, then she says his 'iron clad contract' will be void if he refuses to compete and fulfill his duties. Stephanie gets to him a bit more when she tells him he could end up fired, and he should think of his family because giants don't usually live as long as normal sized people do. She says he needs to compete tonight and do the right thing, but he is most of all hurting her, then she hugs him and walks away as he starts to cry.

3MB (w/ Drew McIntyre) vs Prime Time Players

Slater taunts Titus' bark but Titus throws him in the corner, then he hits Slater a few times and stomps him while he blows his whistle at him. Young tags in and gets a near fall, then Slater tackles him in the corner and tags Jinder, who hits a shoulder block before Young comes back with an atomic drop. Young gets a near fall before Jinder whips him in the corner, but Young kicks him in the head and goes up top, only to have Jinder sweep his legs. Slater gets back in and stomps Young a few times, then he slingshots him throat first into the bottom rope before he applies a side headlock.

Young makes it to his feet but Slater slams him down and tags out, then Jinder stomps Young a few times and chokes him with his boot. Slater kicks Young while Jinder has him in a front facelock, then he applies a side headlock but Young breaks it with some elbows and a headbutt. Slater kicks him and runs back at him, but Young takes him down with a belly-to-belly throw before Titus finally gets the hot tag. Titus hits a few clotheslines and a release fallaway slam, then he kicks Jinder in the head and makes a cover but Slater breaks up the pin. Young runs back in and takes Slater out, then he attacks Drew on the apron as Titus drops Jinder with a sit out spinebuster for the win.

Winners - Prime Time Players

Paul Heyman interrupts Brad Maddox's phone call and tells him to ask how he is, then he says he is in a bad mood because Maddox put him in a match with CM Punk. Heyman says they'd never see him again if Punk got his hands on him, and Maddox all but guaranteed it by booking him in a match in Night of Champions. He says he doesn't think it's good for business, then HHH walks in and says he heard them talking about business, and he thought that was his cue to step in. HHH excuses Maddox from the room, then he tells Heyman he approved the match but it's not about their history together. HHH says he did this so Heyman doesn't weasel his way out of this, and if he does, good, but Punk could also give him the beating of a lifetime. He says no matter what happens, he wins, so he thinks that is what is best for business, then he leaves a surprised Heyman alone in the room.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

Orton ties up with Cody and elbows him in the corner, then Cody comes back with a few boots to the stomach before whipping Orton across the ring. Orton kicks him in the head and throws him out on the floor, then he tries to send him into the steps but Cody blocks it and sends Orton into them. Cody rolls him in and gets a near fall before putting him in a side headlock, then Orton breaks it but Cody comes back with a dropkick for a near fall. Cody punches him and counters a corner whip with a clothesline, then he chokes Orton on the ropes until the ref calls for a break. Orton pokes him in the eye and punches him in the chest a few times, then he stomps him and hits some mounted punches before going for an Irish whip.

Cody counters with a suplex and some mounted punches, then Orton frees himself and punches Cody in the back before hitting a backbreaker from the middle rope. Cody rolls outside as we go to a break, then we get back to see Orton kick Cody on the floor and suplex him onto the side of the barricade. Orton punches him in the head and rolls him inside, then he applies a side headlock but Cody breaks it and kicks him in the face. Cody clotheslines him and connects with a dropdown punch, then he heads to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick for a close near fall. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Orton ducks, so Cody shoves him back into the turnbuckles and successfully hits a Disaster Kick for a near fall.

Cody heads up top but Orton steps away from a moonsault attempt, then he hits a hanging DDT and sets up for a RKO, but Cody counters with Cross Rhodes. Cody gets a very close near fall and can't believe it, then he goes after Orton on the apron but Orton snaps his head on the ropes. Cody comes back with a quick elbow and a rollup, then he goes for another Disaster Kick but Orton ducks and Cody looks to have injured his knee. Orton sees it and kicks his leg out from under him, then he picks Cody up and drops him with a RKO to pick up the win. HHH comes out and says he fought with heart and gave it his all, and he respects Cody, but this is business. He says you need winners in business and he can't let personal feelings cloud his mind, so he regrets to inform Cody that he is fired.

Winner - Randy Orton

CM Punk comes out and says he doesn't say 'I promise' a lot, but he is done with empty threats and trying to figure out what to say next. He asks if they saw what happened to him last week, then he holds up a kendo stick and says he is done with words. Punk says he is dressed to wrestle, but wrestling isn't on his mind because he wants to fight, and he wants to fight Paul Heyman. He says he'll fight Curtis Axel if it means getting at Heyman, and he'd call them out right now but he knows they'd back out. Punk says it doesn't matter because he still looks forward to Night of Champions, and that's where he is going to give Heyman a biblical sized ass kicking.

Punk says he wants to speak to all of the people in the arena and to his family, and he wants to address the people who bought his shirt and who made signs for him. He says there are thirteen days until he guarantees he gets past Curtis Axel, and he guarantees he gets his hands on Paul Heyman. Punk says they are going to see a new side of him if they order Night of Champions, and he's OK with it, but some people might not enjoy what happens. Punk says Heyman won't like what happens to him, and Heyman says Punk broke his heart, but Punk says he'll break Heyman's face, and promises on it.

Daniel Bryan is shown warming up for his match when Big Show walks in, and Bryan asks him if he can help him with something. Show says he didn't want this fight, and he's under a lot of pressure, but Bryan says it doesn't matter. Bryan says he doesn't care who he has to beat to prove himself, but Show tells him to think of the consequences. Show says he should look at what happened to Cody Rhodes tonight, and he says things are getting very real. Bryan says the only thing that's real is that he is going out to the ring and beating him tonight, then he walks away as Show gets upset and shakes his head.

Number #1 Contender's Match (Divas Championship)
Natalya vs Brie Bella vs Naomi

Brie kicks Natalya but Naomi dropkicks her, then Natalya tries to roll her up but Brie breaks it up and throws Natalya into the corner. Brie drops Naomi with a facebuster, then she hits her on the apron before kneeing Natalya in the face. Naomi comes back in with a springboard pin attempt, then Natalya breaks it up and throws Brie outside. Natalya attempts a Sharpshooter on Naomi but Naomi reverses it and gets a near fall, then she tries it again as Brie heads up top. Natalya catches her but Naomi takes them both down with the Rear View, then she makes a cover but AJ Lee (at commentary) runs in and attacks them. Brie stomps AJ and everyone else goes after AJ, then the ref finally gains control and the rest of the Divas leave AJ laying in the ring.

Result - No Contest

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)

Sandow kicks RVD in the corner and whips him across the ring, but RVD comes back with a spinning heel kick and goes for a hurricanrana attempt. Sandow blocks it and powerbombs him for a near fall, then he sends him into the ropes but RVD kicks him in the face and goes for a rollup. Sandow kicks him in the face and puts him in a headlock, then RVD tries to break it so Sandow pulls his hair and slams him down on the mat. He tries to throw him in the corner but RVD blocks it and kicks him in the face, then he tries to go up top but Alberto Del Rio's music cues up as he walks onto the stage. RVD gets distracted so Sandow kicks him out of the ring, then we get back from a break to see Sandow holding RVD in a headlock.

RVD tries to break it so Sandow suplexes him, then he goes back to the headlock but RVD fights his way out and tries to springboard off the ropes. Sandow avoids it and slams him on the mat, but RVD comes back with a thrust kick and a few punches before Sandow hits a side Russian legsweep. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain for two, then he applies a double chicken wing and headbutts RVD, but RVD elbows out so Sandow drop toe holds him into the ropes. He hits RVD a few more times and goes for a suplex, but RVD counters with a rollup before hitting some clotheslines. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and goes for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Sandow pulls him off the ropes and tries to roll him up from behind. RVD kicks out so Sandow throws him outside, but RVD holds the ropes and snaps his head down before hitting a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner - Rob Van Dam

Cody Rhodes is being shown leaving the building with security, and Josh Mathews catches up with him and asks him to comment on being fired. Cody says Randy Orton beat him fair and square, and he lost, but the stipulation of him losing doesn't surprise him because the McMahons always hated the Rhodes family. He says the took away his goals and dreams, and his father was a huge star but Vince McMahon put him in polka dots and made him dance. Cody says his brother was a great star too, but they put him in gold paint and he's never been the same since then. Cody says he has a wife to provide for now and has to figure things out, then Mathews asks if he spoke with her yet, but Cody just walks away and slams the exit door closed on his way out.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show

Big Show tells Bryan he doesn't want to do this but Bryan just charges him and kicks him, then Show tries to reason with him again but Bryan goes back after him. Show throws him outside but Bryan runs back in and dropkicks his knees, then he gets a near fall before hitting two consecutive corner dropkicks. Bryan goes for a third but Show kicks him in the face, then he chops him and throws him across the ring and screams at him. Show says he doesn't want to hurt him, then he bodyslams him and tries to talk to Bryan, but Bryan gets up and kicks him so Show hits a shoulder tackle. Show tells him to stop but Bryan hits him with a running forearm, then Show punches him in the corner and whips him across the ring. Show splashes him in the corner and hits the ropes, but Bryan dropkicks his knee and repeatedly kicks him in the chest. Show blocks the last kick and chokes him, but Bryan kicks him in the knee and hits a DDT for a two count.

Bryan heads up top and jumps, but Show spears him midair and calls for a Knockout Punch. Show changes his mind and tries to leave, but HHH comes out with The Shield and orders him to get in the ring and finish the match. Show says no and starts to leave, but The Shield runs in and attacks Bryan so Show runs back in the ring and tries to chase them off. HHH gets in his way and tells him to do the right thing, then HHH tells him he should back up and think of his family before he acts. The Shield take Bryan out with a triple powerbomb and Show starts to lose his composure, but HHH tells him to get it together and knock Bryan out. Show reluctantly puts up his fist and aims for Bryan's head, but he changes his mind and leaves the ring. Show begs for HHH to leave him alone, but Stephanie comes out and says it's his last chance, so Show walks back and knocks Bryan out before leaving the ring. HHH and Stephanie walk backstage with him and tell him he did the right thing, then Randy Orton walks out and stares at Show before raising his title over Bryan in the ring.

Result - No Contest

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Monday, August 19, 2013

WWE Raw Results 8/19/2013 - 19th August 2013

Here are the WWE Raw Results from tonight's raw held on 8/19/2013:

John Cena starts the show off by saying he agrees with everyone else, and he's disgusted by what happened at Summerslam. He says he told Daniel Bryan he had to earn a win and he did, so he wants to thank Bryan for bringing the best out in him. Cena says they don't see eye-to-eye but he and Bryan live to compete, and he went into a match knowing the WWE doctors told him to get surgery and stay home. Cena mentions the large mass on his arm, and he says it's due to a torn triceps a few weeks ago, but he's not using it as an excuse. Cena says he was being tended to in the back when he heard about what happened to Bryan, but he needs to let them know that he is going to have surgery on his arm. He says they might be happy to see him go, but he'll miss them and he is going to get healthy and might be gone for four to six months.
Cena says he needs to introduce someone who he respects and deserves to be called champion, then Daniel Bryan comes out and Cena hands him the mic. Bryan takes it in as the crowd chants his name, then he tries to speak but Stephanie McMahon cuts him off and makes her way down to the ring. Stephanie says she is sorry to Bryan, and last night was taken from him after he won the title in a hard fought victory. She says he has to excuse her husband, and he acted because he's the COO and he was acting in the interest of what's good for business. Bryan says they don't know what is good for business, because they should listen to the fans and he would expect this from a McMahon, not HHH. He says HHH was a rebel, but now he went corporate, then he insults Stephanie and calls her trash and says HHH started to stink once he laid down with her.
Stephanie says she'll let that slide, but Bryan mocks her and says he doesn't care if he gets fired because he's not afraid of it, and he'll wrestle in gyms if he has to. Bryan says he'll get his money's worth, and he will get revenge on either HHH or Randy Orton and really give her a reason to fire him. Stephanie says no one wants to fire him and his anger is messing with his mind, and she knows Bryan is valuable here in WWE because he's the ultimate underdog. She says the people don't understand business, and she says not everyone can be champion but he does have a place here. Stephanie says he's not a 'A', but a 'solid B+', then Bryan says that's funny because she reminds him of a word that starts with the letter B. Bryan says he knows she is there to rationalize for her husband, but he doesn't have to stand there and accept being average because he can be WWE Champion. Bryan says he doesn't care what she thinks and slaps the mic out of her hand, then Stephanie gets another one and says he had better calm down. She says Bryan is out of control and she won't stand for it, then she calls for security and says Bryan is forcing her to do this. Stephanie asks them to escort Bryan out of the building, then Bryan leaves under his own power and starts a NO chant while Stephanie glares at him from the ring.

Bryan says he knows she is there to rationalize for her husband, but he doesn't have to stand there and accept being average because he can be WWE Champion. Bryan says he doesn't care what she thinks and slaps the mic out of her hand, then Stephanie gets another one and says he had better calm down. She says Bryan is out of control and she won't stand for it, then she calls for security and says Bryan is forcing her to do this. Stephanie asks them to escort Bryan out of the building, then Bryan leaves under his own power and starts a NO chant while Stephanie glares at him from the ring.

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes

Sandow knees Cody in the corner but Cody blocks a kick and sweeps his leg, then Cody kicks him a few times before hitting a middle rope elbow for two. Cody hits a front release suplex and chops Sandow in the corner, then Sandow backdrops him on the apron but Cody slams him into the turnbuckles. Cody hits a missile dropkick then clotheslines Sandow outside, then he suplexes Sandow on the floor before rolling him back in. He gets a two count pin attempt before applying a hammerlock, then Sandow breaks it and throws him outside before hitting a clothesline on the floor. Sandow rolls him in and hits a snap suplex, then he headbutts Cody and prevents him from going up top by taking him down with an armdrag.
We get back to see Cody fight out of a front facelock, then Sandow knocks him down on the mat and hits a side Russian legsweep and the Elbow of Disdain. Sandow yells at the ref before stomping Cody's head, then he sets him up on the top turnbuckles but Cody knocks him down and hits a moonsault. Cody hits a dropdown punch and goes for a backslide, then Sandow avoids Cross Rhodes and counters with a snapmare and goes for a neckbreaker. Cody blocks it and hits a Disaster Kick, then Sandow rolls to the apron and snaps Cody's head on the ropes, and he whips Cody in the corner but Cody counters with a sunset flip for the win.

Winner - Cody Rhodes

Paul Heyman is introduced and he says last night CM Punk was beaten by Brock Lesnar, and he gave Punk a chance to prove his worth and Punk did that. He says Punk gave Brock everything he could handle, and he asks where they go from there and he says it's time to end the family feud. Heyman says he's been more of a father than Punk's own father, and Brock smacked some sense into Punk last night, so Heyman says he forgives him. Heyman says Punk can apologize and they will be able to work together again, and they can put this behind them and rise even higher than before. He says he still loves Punk and will guide him to the WWE Championship, and he get Punk to the Wrestlemania main event so they can be the best in the world.

The Funkadactyls vs Layla & AJ Lee

AJ and Layla attack Cameron and Naomi from behind, then Cameron gets thrown outside and AJ screams at the ref to ring the bell. The match officially starts and AJ hits a neckbreaker, then she applies a side headlock but Naomi breaks it so AJ takes her down with a spin kick. AJ puts her in a chokehold but Naomi slams her in the corner, then AJ chokes her on the ropes and and kicks her in the corner. AJ goes to a sleeperhold and taunts Cameron, then Naomi catches her with a reverse thrust kick before Layla makes the tag. Naomi is unable to tag out as Layla kicks her, then Layla goes to pick her up but Naomi rolls her up for the surprise win.

Winners - The Funkadactyls

3 on 1 Handicap Match
Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield

Dolph tries to avoid getting cornered and repeatedly hits Rollins in the corner, then he gets dropped by a stiff shot by Reigns before being choked on the ropes. Reigns throws him in the corner and stomps him a few times, then Rollins comes back in and kicks him  before Ambrose applies a chinlock. Dolph comes back with a sleeperhold but Ambrose reverses it, then Dolph drops him with a jawbreaker so Reigns gets back into the match. Dolph catches him with a quick dropkick and neckbreaker, then Dolph knocks Rollins off the apron and takes Reigns down with a legdrop bulldog. He gets rid of Ambrose and almost wins it with a tornado DDT on Reigns, but Rollins breaks it up so Dolph throws him towards the barricade. Dolph turns and runs at Reigns, but Reigns spears him for the win, and they hit a triple powerbomb for good measure before leaving.

Winners - The Shield

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
Alberto charges Cara and kicks him in the back, then he whips him into the ropes but Cara rebounds with a backhandspring armdrag. Cara knocks him outside and hits a quick suicide dive, then Cara looks to be injured and doctors run over to check on him. Alberto ignores them and kicks him before rolling him in the ring, but the ref calls for the bell and Alberto taunts the crowd.

Result - No Contest

Alberto takes a mic and says he proved himself at Summerslam, and he gave the Latinos someone to finally cheer for. Alberto says the Mexicans have no idols or heroes, but he will make sure he is the one representing them all, including the peasants. Ricardo cuts him off and asks if he remembers him, and he says Alberto isn't a hero to him or the Latino community, but he should confess something. He says he's happy he doesn't have to represent Alberto anymore and stand by his side, and he found someone new who will stand for the people, Rob Van Dam. RVD comes out to the ramp and rushes to the ring, then he attacks Alberto and takes him out with a spin kick, but Alberto runs away from a Five Star Frog Splash.

Real Americans (w/ Zeb Colter) vs Prime Time Players

Cesaro goes right after Young and punches him, then he whips him across the ring but Young takes him down with a hiptoss. Swagger and Titus tag in but Titus and Young hit a double team shoulder block, then he stomps Swagger in the corner before Swagger knocks him down. Cesaro gets back in and hits a gutwrench slam for two, then he and Swagger punch Titus until the ref pulls Swagger away. Cesaro takes a cheap shot before taunting the crowd, then Titus tries to fight out of the corner but Swagger knocks him back down. He scoop slams Titus and hits a Swagger Bomb, then Cesaro tags him and hits a quick double stomp for a two count. Swagger whips Titus but Titus hits a spinebuster, then he makes the tag and Young hits a clothesline and a belly-to-belly throw. Young throws Swagger off the apron and hits a northern lights suplex on Cesaro, then Swagger runs in and breaks it up but Titus tackles him as Young drops Cesaro with Gutcheck for the win.

Winners - Prime Time Players

Big Show joins Renee Young backstage, and she welcomes him back and addresses the rumors that he may team with Mark Henry to go after the tag team titles. Show says it's absolutely true, then Brad Maddox walks in and tells her to go away because he will handle this, and asks Show about his comments about HHH. Show says last time he checked it was a free country, but Maddox says he's talking about the COO so he needs to punish him. Maddox puts him in a handicap match with The Shield, but this time they can all be in the ring together, and Show asks if he really wants to do that... to The Shield.
Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel are shown talking about a Zacked out pair of shoes from Foot Locker, then Fandango walks in and the Foot Locoker employee asks him if he wants to try them. Fandango says they're beautiful and asks if he can dance in them, then the employee says yes, so they start dancing and leave the room. We then cut to Ryback intimidating a wrestler in the locker room, and he throws the guy's back across the room and tells him to go get it. Ryback steps on it and mocks him, then he bosses him around and throws it into the showers. He tells the guy to open the bag and turn on the water, then slaps the guy when he says it's all of his gear. Ryback makes him fill the bag with water and tells him to turn it off, then he orders him out of the locker room and laughs at him.

3 on 1 Handicap Match
Big Show vs The Shield

Show charges Reigns and throws him outside, then he shoves Rollins and Ambrose into each other before he scoop slams Rollins and throws Ambrose outside. Show throws Rollins across the ring and outside, then he spears Reigns so Ambrose pulls Reigns outside and they all regroup on the floor. Rollins gets on the apron so Show tries to pull him in, but Ambrose puts Show in a sleeper so Show throws him across the ring and splashes him. He steps on Rollins and throws him outside, then he tries to chokeslam Ambrose but Rollins chopblocks his knees and Ambrose hits a dropkick. Rollins leaps off the top rope and knees Show in the head, then they try to suplex Show but he reverses it and suplexes them both. Reigns gets back in and spears Show, then they hit a triple powerbomb and they all make the cover and pick up the win.

Winners - The Shield

CM Punk comes out and says he's not entirely sure what to say, but there's alot going on in his head and he saw Paul Heyman out there earlier. Punk addresses a fan booing him and dares him to step in the ring, and he doesn't think he'll do it because he will render him a toothless crying heap. He says he wants to fight so he dares the man to fight him, then he tells him to get in the ring so he can make him cry or sit down and be a bitch. Punk says Heyman wants to give him the WWE Championship and a Wrestlemania main event, and he wants both of those things, so he'll apologize if it gets him closer to those things. He tells Heyman to come out to the ring and he might get what he asked for, then Heyman walks out to the stage with Curtis Axel at his side.
Punk says he's not cleared to compete but he is dressed and taped up because it's all he knows, then he says he is sorry for trying to get revenge last night. He says he is sorry he didn't break Heyman's arms and face, and the next time he gets a hold of Heyman he will rip his arm off and he won't stop until it happens. Punk says no one is going to stop him and he says they should do it right now, then he screams at Heyman and tells him to face him like a man. Heyman says there is an apology but it should come from him, then Heyman says he's sorry for what is about to happen to him. He tells Axel to go tape up his hands and prepare for a fight, then he tells Punk he went too far again and says Punk is in big trouble if he's still there when they get back from the commercial break.
We get back to see Punk sitting in a chair in the ring, and Axel makes his way back down but Heyman stays back and Punk just sits and smiles. Punk leaps up and hits Axel with the chair, then he throws him outside and they trade a few punches before Axel whips him into the barricade. Axel hits Punk a few times but Punk backdrops him into the timekeeper area, then Punk goes after Heyman but he stops and takes Axel out with a flying crossbody. Punk hits him with an equipment case and the ring bell, then he rolls Axel in the ring and taunts Heyman before setting up a GTS. Axel blocks it and chopblocks Punk's knee, then he stomps Punk a few times before he slams the chair on the back of Punk's knee. Axel hits a hangman's facebuster and wedges Punk's leg in the chair, then he goes to the middle rope but Punk rolls away as he jumps towards him. Punk throws the chair at Axel and hits him in the back with it, then Axel rolls outside but Punk throws him into the steps twice as Heyman watches. Punk puts Axel in GTS position and throws him facefirst into the steps, then he struggles to put weight on his leg and uses the barricade to stand up as Heyman leaves.

R-Truth vs Bray Wyatt (w/ The Wyatt Family)

Bray charges Truth and throws him in the corner, then Truth comes back with a side kick and he knocks Harper off of the apron. Bray takes him down with a running splash, then he preaches to the crowd and sits upside down in the corner. He hits a running corner splash, then he pulls Truth in the ring and hits Sister Abigail and makes the cover.

Winner - Bray Wyatt

3MB (w/ Drew McIntyre) vs The Usos
Jey puts Slater in a waistlock but Slater reverses it, then Jey armdrags him and punches him before tagging Jimmy, who assists him in a tandem elbow smash. Jimmy chops him and whips him into the ropes, then he hits a diving forearm before Slater rolls outside and tries to get away. Jimmy pulls him by the hair and the ref tries to break it up, then Drew kicks Jimmy behind his back and Jinder comes in and hits a neckbreaker. Jinder connects with some kneedrops for two, then he applies a headlock before Slater tags in and kicks Jimmy in the face to earn a near fall. Slater taunts the crowd and punches Jimmy, then Jimmy counters a scoop slam with an enziguiri before tagging Jey, who clotheslines Jinder before hitting a thrust kick. Jey splashes him but Slater breaks up the pin, then Jimmy throws him outside and kicks him into Drew on the floor. Jey superkicks Jinder and hits the ropes, making the tag midair as he splashes Drew and Slater, then Jimmy hits a Superfly splash for the win.

Winners - The Usos

Wade Barrett vs The Miz
Wade applies a side headlock and hits a shoulder block, then Miz flapjacks him and hits a flying corner clothesline and heads up top. Wade ducks and hits a big boot for two, then he punches Miz in the back and knees him on the apron. He ties Miz in the ropes and kicks him in the face, then he brings Miz back in the ring and gets a near fall before applying a side headlock. Miz gets a quick rollup for two before Wade elbows him, then he throws him in the corner and punches him a few times.
Wade takes him down with a snapmare and goes back to a headlock, then Miz breaks it and hits a flying forearm and a running knee. Miz clotheslines him and dropkicks Wade's thigh, then he goes for a Figure Four but Wade kicks him into the corner. Wade hits him a few times and sets him on the turnbuckles, then he charges Miz but Miz catches him with a sunset flip and transitions into a Figure Four. Miz rolls over and tries to get him to tap out, but Fandango runs out and hits a top rope legdrop and dances on his way out.

Winner (by disqualification) - The Miz

The locker room fills the arena as Vince McMahon introduces Triple H to the crowd, then Vince says it's a wonderful night because they will coronate a proud champion. Vince says he's most proud of his son-in-law, and he had his doubts but HHH saw the light and did the right thing for business. They hug and HHH says they probably want an explanation, and it makes him laugh that the fans say he is throwing away the future. HHH says he acted last night to ensure the WWE's future, and he did it for everyone there, from the fans to the wrestlers and Vince himself. He says he did it for Vince's grandfather and father, and he did it for his family because he wants the WWE to prosper for a very long time. HHH says they have him wrong because he likes Daniel Bryan, and he thinks he's a good wrestler and he earned a win over John Cena last night. He says he'll be honest, Bryan can't be WWE Champion and the face of the company, and they deserve better than that and they deserve an A+ guy. HHH says he gave them A+ last night, then he says he can't believe Bryan took it personally because he definitely has issues with all of it. HHH says it hurt him to do that to Bryan last night, and he didn't want to throw away Bryan's hard work, but they should look at the guy who he worked with. He says he buried all of his hate and bitterness for Randy Orton because it's good for business, and he says Bryan making this personal is just selfish.
HHH says he should check his ego because it's about the fans, then he introduces the 'coal who became the diamond', your new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The roster parts on the stage as Orton makes his way out, then he hugs the McMahons and says he told them all it would happen. Orton says he owes it all to HHH for last night, then he says they should all stand and show HHH the respect he deserves. HHH says they know Bryan is back in the building, and he says they should get this personal issue over with and Bryan should face him in the ring. He says Bryan should do whatever he needs to move on, then he says no one should touch Bryan if he comes out and he asks for Bryan again and starts a YES chant.
Bryan finally makes his way out but The Shield jump him on the floor, then Bryan makes a comeback and throws them into the steps before they overpower him. Bryan takes Rollins and Reigns out on the ramp and HHH tells him to talk it out, then Bryan walks towards the ring but Reigns takes him out with a spear. Rollins and Ambrose join in and beat him on the floor, then they set up a triple powerbomb but HHH tells him to stop. HHH tells Bryan to get in the ring and talk to them, then Bryan pulls himself in the ring but Orton drops him with a RKO and they stand over him and raise each other's arms.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

WWE Summerslam 2013 Results

Here are the WWE Summerslam 2013 Results:

Results from the not so hyped matches:

Rob Van Dam defeated Dean Ambrose via disqualification. Ambrose retains United States Championship.

Cody Rhodes defeated Damien Sandow.

Natalya defeated Brie Bella.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn defeated AJ Lee and Big E Langston.

Main matches results:

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt – 

Ring of Fire match Once Kane and Wyatt entered the ring, the flames came up around ringside. Kane wasted no time unloading punches on to Wyatt. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attempted to enter the ring, but the flames around the ring rose up and kept them at bay. Wyatt got in some offense, but Kane hit another big move, which made the flames flare up again. Wyatt turned the tables and mounted some power offense to Kane. Wyatt showcased his speed with a splash to Kane in the corner and forearm. Kane went for choke slam, but was thwarted by Wyatt. Wyatt hit the ropes, but was met by a big boot from Kane. Kane followed that with some punches and a sidewalk slam. Wyatt fought off Kane and asked his partners for a weapon. Harper picked up a kendo stick and attempted to hand it to Wyatt, but the flames shot up and lit the stick on fire, causing a fireman who was sitting ringside to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. Rowan then used the fire extinguisher to put the fire out one side of the ring, but the flames came right back again. Kane then hit two consecutive choke slams to Wyatt and attempted a tombstone, but Harper and Rowan put the ring apron over the flames, used the steel steps to climb over the ropes and began attacking Kane. Harper and Rowan then propped up Kane so that Wyatt could hit his finish and win the match 

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Christian–

World Heavyweight Championship During the pre-match introductions, Del Rio insisted that Lilian Garcia introduce him in Spanish. The match itself began with Del Rio controlling the pace. Del Rio took some time showboat to the fans, but was met with a big slap from Christian. Christian then tossed the champion out of the ring. Christian and Del Rio eventually got back into the ring where Del Rio climbed to the rope. Christian quickly stopped him. Christian then climbed to the top with Del Rio, but Del Rio managed to escape and knock Christian into a precarious position on the top rope. Del Rio then hit a big kick to the back of the head of Christian, which left him hanging upside down from the turnbuckle. Del Rio took advantage by stomping on Christian. Del Rio then got out of the ring, grabbed Christian and pushed him into the guard rail with his arm behind his back in an effort to set up the cross arm breaker. Del Rio rolled Christian back into the ring and attempted a pin, but only got a two-count. Christian attempted to mount some offense, but was quickly stopped by Del Rio. The champion attempted to hit a Christian with a move while he was on the second rope, but the challenger moved out of the way and sent Del Rio flying to the outside of the ring. Del Rio had little time to recover has Christian went to the rope and hit a splash onto the champion outside of the ring. Both men took their time getting back into the ring where Del Rio quickly took over. The champ went back to the top rope, but was countered by Christian on his way down. Christian went to the top rope when Del Rio attempted to hit his big kick again. Christian ducked under it and hit a cross body, which garnered a two-count. Del Rio then asked for a timeout and suckered Christian into thinking that he was hurt. Christian managed to attempt the kill switch, but Del Rio pushed him into the corner. Christian tried to jump to the second rope, but Del Rio caught him with a back stabber in mid-air. Del Rio went for a cover, but Christian somehow kicked out. Christian rolled up Del Rio out of nowhere and almost came away with a victory. Christian then backed into a corner where he was met by another big kick from Del Rio. Christian didn’t stay down for long as hit a flying European uppercut. Just as he tried to get the crowd behind him, Del Rio shoved him into the corner and put him on the top rope. The champion climbed up as well, but Christian countered him and went for a sunset flip into a power bomb. Del Rio fought him off, but didn’t do enough to keep Christian from hitting a hurricanrana from the top rope. Christian went for a pin, but came inches away from a three-count. Christian then attempted a spear, but Del Rio hit a drop kick right to his face. Del Rio went for another cover, but Christian kicked out. Del Rio signaled the cross arm breaker, but was turned away by the challenger. The two combatants then exchanged a series counters and reversals, which drew a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd. Del Rio then signaled for his big super kick, but Christian reversed it into a pin only for Del Rio to kick out. Out of nowhere Christian hit the spear, but began to sell his injured shoulder and didn’t immediately go for the pin. Once he did, Del Rio locked on the cross arm breaker. Christian held on for a while, but he eventually tapped out. 

Winner and STILL champion: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – 

No disqualification match Punk and Lesnar wasted little time going after each other. Punk ran at Lesnar only for Lesnar to pick him and slam him into the corner. Lesnar gained the early upper hand by showcasing his power. Punk kept fighting back with kicks and knees to the head of Lesnar. Punk knocked Lesnar out of the ring and followed that up with a suicide dive to the outside. With Lesnar down, Punk picked up a set of steel steps. While Punk was carrying them over to Lesnar, Lesnar ran right into them and knocked Punk down. Lesnar kept the action on the outside and picked up Punk. Lesnar tried to drive Punk into the ring post, but Punk countered and shoved him into it istead. Punk then climbed to the top rope and jumped on Lesnar as he was outside of the ring. Punk followed that up by climbing on top of the announce table. He waited for Lesnar to get up and hit a leaping clothesline. Punk then turned his attention to Paul Heyman, who fell to the ground trying to get away. Lesnar then came up from behind and leveled Punk. Lesnar then took Punk and tossed him like a rag doll over the Spanish announce table. Lesnar tossed Punk again over the English announce table. He followed that up by belly-to-belly suplex to Punk on the outside of the ring. Lesnar finally tossed Punk back inside the ring, but was met by kicks from Punk. Lesnar put a stop to that flurry with a stiff clothesline and began to methodically wear down Punk. Lesnar wrapped Punk in a bear hug until he fought out of it with elbows right to the top of Lesnar’s head. Punk hit the ropes to set up another move, but was met by knee to the rib cage from Lesnar. Lesnar then wrapped Punk in another bear hug. Punk fought his way out once again to gain some momentum. Punk climbed to the top rope and jumped off, but was caught out of mid-air by Lesnar. Lesnar turned that into a fall away slam. Lesnar then hit a rib breaker and a power slam. He went for multiple pin attempts, but Punk kept kicking out. Punk pulled out all the stops to gain some momentum as he bit Lesnar on the head. Punk followed the bite with kicks and elbows, which rocked Lesnar. Punk went back to the top rope and hit Lesnar with a flying knee. He then hit Lesnar with his big knee in the corner. One wasn’t enough for Punk as he hit the high knee again in the corner. Punk went for the high knee a third time, but was caught by Lesnar who attempted an F-5. Punk wiggled out of it and hit Lesnar with a kick to the head. Punk went to the top rope again and hit the Macho Man elbow drop. Punk went for cover, but came away with only a two-count. He then signaled for the GTS and got Lesnar up on his shoulders, but Lesnar fought out of it and attempted another F-5. Punk fought out of that and hit another big kick to the head of Lesnar. Punk went for another GTS, but Lesnar countered into the kimura lock. Punk somehow countered that into a triangle choke. Lesnar picked up Punk and slammed him, but he kept the triangle choke locked in. Lesnar picked up Punk again, but Punk hit Lesnar with a series of elbows into the corner. Lesnar then grabbed Punk and hit him with a running power bomb. Lesnar went for a cover, but Punk somehow kicked out. Lesnar picked up Punk and hit him with three consecutive vertical suplexes. He went for pin, but Punk kicked out again. Lesnar then climbed out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Punk climbed to the top rope and jumped off to hit Lesnar, but Lesnar put up the chair in defense, hurting both guys. Punk was the first man to his feet and grabbed the chair. He began whaling on Lesnar with it. Once back in the ring, Punk tried to hit Lesnar again, but Lesnar caught it. Lesnar tried to hit Punk with the chair, but was met by low blow. Punk grabbed the chair once again and climbed to the top rope. He jumped off the top rope and hit Lesnar with the big elbow drop with the chair in hand. Punk went for a cover, but Lesnar somehow kicked out. Punk began hitting Lesnar with a chair some more until Heyman grabbed it from his hands. Punk grabbed Heyman, but Lesnar came and hit him from behind. Lesnar then picked up Punk to hit him with the F-5, but Punk kept hold of Heyman’s tie, preventing him from hitting the move. Eventually, Lesnar fought away from Heyman, but Punk hit him with the GTS. Punk went for a cover, but Heyman broke it up. Punk went after Heyman again, but was cut off by Lesnar. Lesnar attempted another F-5, but Punk countered into a DDT. Punk went for a pin, but only got a two-count. Punk then locked on the anaconda vice. Heyman then came into the ring with chair. Punk stepped on the chair to stop Heyman. He picked up Heyman and punched him square in the face. Punk then put the anaconda vice on him. That was until Lesnar hit Punk with a thunderous chair shot. Lesnar continued to abuse Punk with the chair and slowly picked him up. He then hit Punk with a vicious F-5 on the chair for the win. 

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Main Event: John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Triple H as special guest referee) – 

WWE Championship Cena and Bryan began the match with some fantastic chain wrestling. Bryan then went for the Yes! Lock right away, but Cena rolled out of the ring. He then walked over the ringside doctor and told him his taped elbow is fine. Cena got back into the ring and engaged in some more great chain wrestling with Bryan. Bryan landed the first big move of the match with a leg drag. He followed that up by trying to put Cena in the Mexican surfboard. Cena powered out and ended up knocking Bryan out of the ring. Cena got outside of the ring and tried to throw Bryan into the steel steps. Bryan reversed it however, and threw Cena into the steel steps left elbow-first. Cena managed to hit Bryan with a suplex outside of the ring and rolled him back into the ring. Cena went for a pin, but Bryan kicked out. Cena then began to wear down Bryan with body shots. He then hit Bryan with a power bomb. He went for another pin, but Bryan kicked out again. Bryan eventually fought his way back into the match with a series of elbows. Cena fired back with a knee to the gut of Bryan. Bryan quickly responded with a running elbow to the head of Cena. Bryan followed the elbow with his patented kicks. Cena ducked under Bryan’s last kick and countered into a shoulder block to set up his five-knuckle shuffle. Bryan countered and tried to put Cena n the Yes! Lock, but Cena powered out and eventually hit the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena then went for the attitude adjustment, but Bryan fought out of it. He then hit Cena with a drop kick from the top rope and went for cover, but Cena kicked out at two. Bryan began hitting Cena with a series of vicious kicks, which hurt Cena pretty good. Bryan, like any submission specialist would, began working on Cena’s hurt elbow. Cena almost put Bryan in the STF, but Bryan countered it and put Cena in the STF. Cena tried to crawl to the bottom rope, but Bryan dragged him back to the center of the ring and hit a German suplex. Cena kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt, but was hit with another German suplex. Cena powered out of Bryan’s grip only to be put in the Yes! Lock. Cena fought his way out of the hold, but Bryan locked in a choke. Although Cena back Bryan into a corner, Bryan kept the hold locked in. Cena eventually flipped Bryan into the turnbuckle, forcing him to break the hold. Out of nowhere, Cena hit Bryan with the attitude adjustment, but Bryan kicked out of the ensuing cover. With Bryan lying on the mat, Cena climbed to the top rope. Bryan thwarted him with a couple of elbows. Cena kept shoving away Bryan, but Bryan kept coming back with kicks. Bryan climbed up with Cena and hit him with a superplex, but Bryan hung on to the ropes. Bryan climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit Cena with a diving head butt. Bryan went for the cover, but only got a two-count. Cena quickly rolled out of the ring. Bryan then went for a suicide dive, but Cena met him with an elbow to the head. Cena climbed to the top rope again and hit a leg drop. Cena rolled Bryan over for the cover, but only got a near fall. Cena then picked up Bryan and put him on the top rope to try the attitude adjustment from the top. Bryan hit a series of elbows to fend off Cena. Bryan went for a hurricanrana, but Cena caught him, jumped off the top rope and locked in the STF. Bryan rolled Cena over to his back, but the champion kept the hold locked in. Bryan then miraculously reversed it into another Yes! Lock. Cena crawled to the bottom rope, forcing the challenger to break the hold. Bryan then hit Cena with two drop kicks while in the corner. He went for a third, but Cena exploded out of the corner with a huge clothesline that turned Bryan inside out. The clothesline was so good even JBL popped for it. Both men got up at the same time and began exchanging punches. Both men then hit the ropes and simultaneously ran into the each other, putting them both back on the mat. Once both men got their feet, Cena and Bryan exchanged a number of slaps, which was awesome. Cena somehow attempted an attitude adjustment, but Bryan countered into a DDT. Bryan went to the top rope again, but Cena caught him and said “It’s over.” He then tried another attitude adjustment, but Bryan countered into a small package. Cena kicked out at two. Bryan went for a big kick, but Cena ducked under it. Bryan went for it again and it landed. Bryan then went to the corner and hit Cena with a vicious high knee. He went for the pin and won the WWE title After the match, Cena said some words to Triple H and Bryan before leaving. Cena then left, leaving Bryan in the spotlight to celebrate. Triple H remained in the ring to congratulate Bryan. Confetti and fireworks were unloaded until Randy Orton came into the arena. Orton walked in amongst the confetti and fireworks with a look on his face as if he wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Orton walked to the ring, but walked away. Orton stopped midway up the ramp. Triple H then hit Bryan with the pedigree allowing Orton to cash in and win the WWE title. Winner and NEW WWE Champion Daniel Bryan After the match, Cena said some words to Triple H and Bryan before leaving. Cena then left, leaving Bryan in the spotlight to celebrate. Triple H remained in the ring to congratulate Bryan. Confetti and fireworks were unloaded until Randy Orton came into the arena. Orton walked in amongst the confetti and fireworks with a look on his face as if he wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Orton walked to the ring, but walked away. Orton stopped midway up the ramp. Triple H then hit Bryan with the pedigree allowing Orton to cash in. Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton - WWE Championship Orton simply laid on top of Bryan and gained an easy three count. 

Winner and NEW WWE Champion Randy Orton

The show ended with Orton and Triple H standing tall as they were showered with boos.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

WWE Smackdown Results (8/16) - 16 Aug 2013

Here are the WWE Smackdown Results held on 8/16/2013. Read on:

Bray Wyatt comes out and sits in his chair, and he says he brought his brothers with him, but everyone has them wrong. He says he wants to tell a special story about a boy, and this boy was picked on in school eventhough he was the biggest. Bray says this boy ran home crying everyday, but he decided he would change the world, and he went to school, only to run away again. He says the boy found a crutch to hide behind, a mask, and this boy called himself Kane, and he turned himself into someone else. Bray says he knows who he is, and he promises Kane that he will turn one man's hell into another's paradise, then he tells him to follow the buzzards.

Kane's pyro goes off and the Wyatt's get ready for him, but Kane comes from behind and drags Rowan out of the ring. He throws him into the ringpost and sends Harper into the steps, then Bray invites him into the ring and Kane does the throat slit gestures. Bray gets pissed at runs at him, but Kane hits him with several punches in the corner until Harper and Rowan run back in. Kane fights them off and throws them back, but Bray comes back with a clothesline and Rowan and Harper continue to beat him down on the mat. They hold him up and Bray hits Sister Abigail, then they drag him to the middle of the mat and Bray screams 'follow the buzzards' before the feed cuts out.

Damien Sandow vs Christian
Sandow hits Christian and goes for a suplex, but Christian floats over and hits an uppercut and a missile dropkick for a near fall. Sandow punches him and suplexes him on the ropes, then he knees him in the face and follows it with a pin attempt and a waistlock. Christian makes it to his feet so Sandow knocks him outside, then he follows him out and whips him into the steps as we go to a break. We get back to see Christian fight out of a headlock, then Sandow knees him and pulls him outside, kneeing him in the face a few times before he charges him on the apron. Christian rams him with his shoulder and backdrops him, then he hits some mounted punches and an inverted DDT for a close near fall.
Christian goes for a top rope crossbody but Sandow ducks and comes back with a neckbreaker for two, then he charges the corner but Christian avoids a clothesline. He springboards in and gets a two count rollup on Sandow, then Christian hits a rolling elbow from the middle rope and goes for the Killswitch. Sandow counters with a side Russian legsweep and sets up the Elbow of Disdain, but Christian rolls away and rolls him up for the win. Sandow tries to attack him after the match but Christian hits a Killswitch, then Alberto Del Rio runs out and attacks Christian from behind. Alberto says Christian is loco because it's the end of the road, and he tells him he'll never be champion before stomping him in the chest. Alberto goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Christian blocks it, then he drops Alberto with a Killswitch and stares him down before he leaves.
Winner - Christian

Rob Van Dam joins Renee Young backstage to talk about Summerslam, and he says he is back and focused and he is going to win the United States Championship. She asks if he's worried about the rest of The Shield, but RVD looks around and says he's not scared as the cameras pan back and reveal Big Show and Mark Henry next to them. Big Show says he came back because he has unfinished business with The Shield, and Henry says they are going to have RVD's back. He says The Shield will need protection from them, then RVD says they are going to get the job done before doing his trademark 'R-V-D' pose.

Kaitlyn & Natalya vs AJ Lee & Layla
Layla mocks Natalya with a dance but Natalya puts her in a headlock, then she fights out of a legscissors by Layla and goes for a quick pin attempt. Layla comes back with a pin and they go back and forth before Natalya sets up a Sharpshooter, but AJ distracts her and Layla hits her from behind. She hits Natalya and sends her into the corner, then AJ tags in and applies a standing grapevined headlock before slamming Natalya's head on the mat. AJ runs at Kaitlyn and cheap shots her, then she goes back to the headlock but Natalya breaks it with a snapmare before making the tag. Kaitlyn runs in and knocks AJ down, then she tackles her in the corner and hits a backbreaker for a near fall. She whips AJ into the ropes and hits a fireman's carry breaker, then Natalya prevents Layla from interfering during a pin and they go after each other on the mat. The ref sends Natalya back to her corner first, and Layla kicks Kaitlyn in the knee and AJ follows it with a Shining Wizard for the win.
Winners - AJ Lee & Natalya

Renee Young joins Ryback for an his thoughts on being left off of the Summerslam card, and she asks if it's because he's been so brutal to opponents lately. Ryback mocks her and says that he lives for brutality, but she's right that people fear him, then he looks off camera and harasses a crew member. Ryback bullies him and asks what he's staring at, then the guy looks away but Ryback knees him and throws him into a table. He stands there and laughs as crew members run to check on him, then Ryback tells Renee he thinks people are scared of him and laughs as he walks away.

The Shield vs Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry & Big Show
Henry shoves Rollins into the corner and throws him across the ring, then RVD hits a top rope kick and monkey flips Rollins before hitting a standing moonsault. RVD whips him into the ropes but doesn't see the blind tag, and Ambrose hits him from behind and stomps him before Reigns comes in and goes for a quick pin. He scoop slams him and gets another pin attempt, then he applies a headlock but RVD makes it up and kicks him in the face. RVD tags Big Show as Ambrose comes in, and Show clotheslines him and whips him into the ropes before backdropping him. Show throws Rollins outside and splashes Ambrose, then he hits the ropes but Reigns pulls the ropes down and sends Show to the floor. Henry throws Reigns into the barricade as Rollins takes him down with a somersault dive over the ropes, then the ref starts a count but he makes it in at nine. Ambrose goes for a DDT but Show throws him back, then he catches him with a Knockout Punch and tags RVD, who hits a Five Star Frog Splash for the win.
Winners - Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry & Big Show

The Miz vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro)
Swagger charges Miz and hits him in the corner, then Miz hits some mounted punches and kicks Swagger in the face. Miz hits the ropes and kicks his leg, then he knees him in the back before Swagger knocks him down and whips him into the corner. Swagger splashes him and drops him with a clothesline, then he does some pushes and hits a shoulder block before hitting a second. Swagger hits the ropes again but Miz counters with a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo, then he hits Swagger a few times and hits a swinging DDT for a near fall. Miz misses a kick to the head and Swagger tries to powerslam him, but Miz counters with a corner clothesline before Cesaro tries to interfere. Swagger hits Miz from behind but the ref throws Cesaro out of there, then Zeb flips out and throws his jacket so the ref throws both of them out. Swagger screams at the ref before going back after Miz, but Miz surprises him with a quick rollup and steals the win, watching the Real Americans scream at him as he celebrates.
Winner - The Miz

Zack Ryder vs Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman)
Zack goes for a quick rollup before taking Axel down with a hiptoss, then Axel tells the ref to back him away and elbows him in the face. Zack comes back with some right hands and an elbow, then he goes for a crossbody but Axel ducks, so Zack flapjacks him for a two count. Axel goes outside and runs around the ring, then he stomps Zack on the way in and goes for a suplex. Zack floats over and punches him, then he hits a middle rope dropkick and a flying forearm before setting up the Broski Boot. Axel rolls outside but Zack follows and kicks him in the head, then he rolls him in and goes for a top rope crossbody. Axel ducks and kicks him in the back, then he hits a belly-to-belly suplex and a neckbreaker for the win.
Winner - Curtis Axel

Heyman gets in the ring and hands Axel his championship, then he grabs a mic and says he got outsmarted by CM Punk on RAW last week. He says congratulations to Punk because he pulled off the impossible, and Punk surprised them and smashed Brock Lesnar in the face with a camera. Heyman says Summerslam has great publicity this year, but Punk is now a target and he will get vengeance in the form of the beast, Brock Lesnar.

No Disqualification
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett

Bryan kicks Wade in the corner before sweeping his legs, then he puts him in a deathlock variation before stomping his calves and whipping him into the ropes. Wade knees him and sends him into the corner, then he stomps him a few times and whips him, but Bryan runs up the turnbuckles and dropkicks him. He sends Wade outside and goes for a suicide dive, but Wade avoids it and whips him into the barricade before going for a big boot. Bryan ducks it and kicks Wade over the barricade, then he slides a table in the ring but Wade hits him from behind and throws him into the broadcast table.
Wade throws him shoulder first into the steps, then he hits him with a kendo stick a few times before Bryan kicks it out of his hands. Bryan swings at him with it but Wade rolls outside, then Bryan takes him down with a suicide dive before hitting a top rope missile dropkick. Bryan stops when Vince McMahon's music cuts him off, and Vince struts down the ramp and mocks Bryan as we cut to a break. We get back to see Wade send Bryan into the corner, then he tries to powerbomb him through a table but Bryan counters and Wade rolls outside. Bryan hits a running knee from the apron and starts a YES chant in front of Vince, then he kicks Wade a few times and sets up a suplex.
Wade counters with a suplex and Vince mocks the YES chant, then Wade whips Bryan into the ringpost and brings a chair into the ring. Wade hits him in the back and ribs with it, then he tries to slam it on Bryan from the middle rope but Bryan rolls away. He gets up and dropkicks Wade in the corner, then he grabs the kendo stick and alternates between kendo strikes and kicks to the head. Wade ducks one and goes for a rollup, but Bryan kicks out and applies the YES Lock, only to have Vince pull the ref out of the ring. Bryan screams at him and they have a shouting match, then Wade spins Bryan and hits the Bullhammer. Vince waves for a referee and Brad Maddox runs to the ring, then Wade makes the cover but Bryan kicks out and Wade and Vince flip out on Maddox.
Wade goes for a pump handle slam but Bryan counters and kicks him in the head, then he makes the cover but Maddox ignores it and Vince waves him off. Bryan goes after Maddox as Vince sneaks the kendo stick to Wade, then he swings at Bryan but Bryan ducks and Wade ends up hitting Maddox in the corner. Bryan dropkicks Wade into Maddox in the corner, then Wade tries to powerslam him but Bryan floats over and throws Wade through the table. Vince takes off the original ref's shirt and tries to put it on, but Triple H's music cuts him off and HHH heads to the ring as Bryan hits a top rope headbutt, getting the win with HHH counting it. HHH and Bryan do the YES chant to taunt Vince, then he shakes Bryan's hand and let's him celebrate, but Randy Orton comes out to the stage and holds up his briefcase as the show ends.
Winner - Daniel Bryan

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WWE Raw Results (8/12) - 12 August 2013

Hey guys,

Here are the WWE Raw Results held on 8/12. Enjoy.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
(Special Guest Referee - Brad Maddox)

Wade applies a headlock but Bryan sends him into the ropes, then he dropkicks Wade but Wade comes right back with a headbutt and throws him outside. Bryan gets back in and kicks him a few times, then he puts Wade's leg on the ropes and jumps on it a few times before Wade goes outside. Bryan gets a running start and dropkicks him through the ropes, then he goes for a knee strike on the apron but Wade avoids it and kicks his head. Wade throws him back in and lands some body punches, then he sets him on the turnbuckles and punches him before kicking him in the stomach. Bryan lands on the floor so Wade goes out and throws him into the steps, then he rolls him in and applies a headlock but Bryan elbows out of it. Wade whips him into the corner but Bryan runs up the turnbuckles and dropkicks him, then he throws Wade outside and hits a suicide dive on the floor. Bryan rolls him in and hits a top rope missile dropkick, then he kips up and kicks him in the chest, but Wade ducks the last one and rolls him up with Maddox making the fast count. Bryan gets pissed and thinks about attacking Maddox, then he motions towards him but Maddox rolls out of the ring and leaves as Bryan starts a no chant.
Winner - Wade Barrett

Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow
Sandow applies a headlock but Orton throws him into the ropes, then he clotheslines him and uppercuts him before connected with some mounted punches. Sandow hits him back and rams Orton with his shoulder, but Orton comes back with a suplex and follows it with some punches and a clothesline. Orton applies a side headlock but Sandow breaks it, then Orton catches him with a dropkick that sends Sandow out to the floor. We get back from a break to see Sandow block a superplex by shoving Orton off the ropes, then he stomps Orton and rams him with his shoulder in the corner. Sandow whips him but Orton reverses it, then he hits Sandow from the turnbuckles but Sandow turns and shoves him out to the floor. Sandow rolls him in and gets a near fall, then he stomps Orton and knees him in the face before hitting a side Russian legsweep and the Elbow of Disdain for two. Sandow applies a side headlock but Orton breaks it with a side suplex, then he hits a few clotheslines and goes for a powerslam.
Sandow avoids it by grabbing the ropes, then he hits a swinging neckbreaker for two before he elbows Orton and runs towards him. Orton hits a spinning powerslam and a hanging DDT, then he sets up for a RKO but Sandow blocks it and rolls outside, with Orton quickly giving chase. Orton grabs him but Sandow slams him into the apron, then he throws Orton into the ringpost and taunts Cody Rhodes (at commentary) before rolling Orton in. Cody gets up and tries to steal Sandow's briefcase, chained to the ringpost, and Sandow yells at him but Orton drops him with a RKO and picks up the win.
Winner - Randy Orton

After announcing a 20 man battle royal for a shot at the United States Championship, we cut to The Shield backstage, and Seth Rollins says that change is upon them. Rollins says they are the new guard and they are better, stronger and faster than everyone else and they are laying down a challenge. Roman Reigns says they have served justice at every challenge so far, and nothing is different so they are making an open challenge for Summerslam. He says whatever two men want to face him and Rollins can step up, then Dean Ambrose says his United States Championship is no different either. Ambrose says he's the real champion because everyone runs from his title, then he says he isn't scared of anyone in the battle royal. He says the only way he could lose is if Andre The Giant's ghost was competing but that won't happen, then they throw the camera out of the way as the segment ends.
CM Punk is with Josh Mathews backstage, and he says he took Paul Heyman's challenge so close to Summerslam because no one is afraid of him. He says Heyman opened his mouth and said something stupid, and he could beat Heyman in a one-on-one fight, but this won't be one. Punk says he has Brock Lesnar on Sunday, but he's pretty sure he will see a little bit from him sometime tonight, so he will be ready for anything that happens. Punk says Brock talks about being the best and the beast, but the only thing that matters is when he wins on Sunday, and the best is still the best.

The Great Khali & Natalya (w/ Hornswoggle) vs Big E Langston & AJ Lee
AJ taunts Khali and jumps to slap him, then Natalya slams her on the mat and kicks her in the corner. She picks her up for a powerslam but AJ floats over, then AJ shoves her into the turnbuckles and goes for a rollup. AJ kicks her in the corner and takes her down with a snapmare, then he puts her in a three-quarters facelock but Natalya tries to elbow her way out of it. AJ hits her in the back and taunts her, then she goes back to the facelock but Natalya breaks it, so AJ kicks her in the stomach. AJ knocks her down and gets a two count, then Hornswoggle tries to cheer Natalya on and AJ flips out on him. Natalya hits her from behind and puts her in the Sharpshooter, and AJ taps but the ref "is distracted," so Natalya pulls her back over and makes her tap again. Langston jumps in after the bell and attacks Hornswoggle, but Khali drops him with a big chop and celebrates with his friends.
Winners - The Great Khali & Hornswoggle

Vince McMahon comes out and says there seems to be a bit of controversy, and he shows the fast count from the opening match and says they are owed an explanation. He brings Brad Maddox out to the ring and asks why he named himself the special guest referee, and Maddox says Daniel Bryan's matches tend to get out of hand. Maddox says he wanted to keep order and give the fans a fair show, then Vince asks him why it looked like he made a fast count. Maddox says it's been a while since he refereed a match, but he did the best he could, and Vince says that's OK if he tried. He asks Vince for a second chance, and Vince asks what he means, so Maddox asks to be the official for the WWE Championship match at Summerslam and Vince says he'll entertain the thought.
Vince asks if he can be impartial and put personal issues aside, then he asks if he will stop making fun of Bryan, and Maddox agrees, so Vince makes him promise. Maddox says he swears to be fair, then Vince goes to approve his request but Triple H cuts him off and makes his way down to the ring. HHH says he isn't there to air dirty laundry, and he knows they haven't agreed on many things lately, but this Sunday is very important. He says there might be more on the line than the WWE Championship, and they need someone to call it down the middle, and a guy who won't get intimidated. HHH says this guy wouldn't be Maddox, but it sounds more like him, then he kicks Maddox and drops him with a Pedigree before Vince leaves the ring.

Kane vs Titus O'Neil (w/ Darren Young)
Kane hits Titus a few times and whips him into the ropes, then he drops him with an elbow and throws him into the corner before suplexing him. Kane elbows him and sends him into the corner, then Titus punches him in the back but Kane whips him back into the corner and hits a few clotheslines. He hits a sidewalk slam for two, then Kane calls for the end and grabs Titus by the throat, then he ignores Young on the apron and chokeslams Titus for the win. The lights go out and the Wyatt Family makes their entrance, but the lights go back on and Kane is on the entrance ramp, igniting his pyro as Bray looks on.
Winner - Kane

The Bella Twins join Josh Mathews for a backstage interview, and he asks them about last week's events with Eva Marie and Natalya, and plays the clip of Natalya slapping Brie. He asks if there is tension in the Divas division, and they says he's smart but dumb, then they mock the Divas until Natalya walks in. Natalya says Brie should put up or shut up, so she asks for a singles match at Summerslam, and says Brie can bring anyone she wants. She says she will have her own friends and The Funkadactyls walk over and stand by her, then Brie agrees and says she will still be queen bee when it's over. Natalya says Brie's makeup is good because she covered the bruise from the slap last week, but Brie says so does hers and slaps Natalya across the face and leaves.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
Alberto attacks Kofi in the corner but Kofi fights right back, then Alberto kicks him but Kofi leapfrogs him and hits a forearm shot for two. Kofi hits some mounted punches in the corner, then he goes for a springboard move but Alberto crotches him on the ropes and kicks him in the tree of woe position. Alberto takes him up top and hits an inverted superplex for two, then he kicks Kofi in the back of the head and taunts the crowd before hitting the ropes. Kofi elbows him and avoids a clothesline, then he hits a clothesline and dropkick and follows it with a forearm strike and a Boom Drop. Kofi calls for Trouble In Paradise but Alberto ducks and hits a backbreaker, then he headbutts Kofi and but Kofi comes back with S.O.S. for a two count. Kofi stumbles towards him and Alberto punches him in the midsection, then he whips him into the ropes but Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise. Alberto ducks and Kofi falls outside, then he runs back in and Alberto kicks him, but Kofi holds his foot and tries to roll him up. Kofi heads up top and hits a crossbody, but Alberto rolls through and gets him to tap to the Cross Armbreaker for the win.
Winner - Alberto Del Rio

After a video package highlighting Christian's career, Renee Young joins him backstage and asks what he's thinking about so close to Summerslam. Christian says seeing this video made him think about everything he's been through, and he will beat Alberto Del Rio to become a three-time champion. He says he will make it real simple, and all he needed was one more match, then Alberto walks over and laughs at him while holding his title up.

Real Americans (w/ Zeb Colter) vs The Usos
Jey attacks Cesaro and whips him, but Cesaro elbows him and goes for a quick cover before Swagger tags in and knees him in the corner. The ref backs him away so Cesaro takes a cheap shot, then Swagger connects with a Swagger Bomb before Cesaro double stomps Jey for two. Cesaro punches Jey but Jey fights right back, then he dives for a tag but Cesaro shoves him into the corner and Swagger blindtags in while Jey attempts a sunset flip. Swagger hits Jey and stretches his arms back, then Jey elbows him a few times but Swagger knocks him back and Cesaro tags in. Swagger throws him in the air and Cesaro follows with an uppercut, then he applies a side headlock but Jey slams him in the corner and stuns him with a kick. Jimmy finally tags in and takes Swagger down with some clotheslines, then he knocks Cesaro off the apron and takes Swagger down with a Samoan drop. Jimmy hits a back splash in the corner and goes for the cover, but Cesaro pulls Swagger outside so the Usos hit tandem suicide dives. Zeb jumps on the apron as Jimmy heads up top, then Cesaro tries to push him but Jey superkicks him and tags himself in, suprising Swagger with a corner rollup for the win.
Winners - The Usos

The Miz introduces Daniel Bryan and John Cena as tonight's Miz TV guests, then he asks for their thoughts on Triple H naming himself the special guest referee. Bryan says he's glad someone stood up to Vince McMahon, and now they can have the match that they and the fans deserve. Cena says HHH is the perfect man to officiate a championship match, then Miz says they look to have tension and he asks Cena what his problem with Bryan is. Cena says there is no other reason for once, and it's only about the WWE Championship; he is the champion and Bryan wants to take it from him.

Miz says that's code for Cena saying Bryan can't beat him, then Miz reads into things and talks about Bryan not being good enough. Bryan tells him to shut up or he will kick him in the face, then he tells Cena he's sick of people thinking he puts up a good fight and that's all he's good for. Cena tries to say it's not like that but Bryan tells him to shut up, and he says he saw something in Cena last week, and he says Cena cares about fame instead of wrestling. Bryan says his shirt is a parody of Cena's, and doesn't want to be a parody, but he wants the WWE Championship because it means no one else is better than him.
Cena takes off his shirt and says Bryan almost got him, and the parody comment was strong, but they are both out there for the same exact reason. He says his shirt is just a shirt, just like a flag is just cloth, and it matters what the message behind it is, whether he gets cheered or booed. Cena says they do this for yes and no chants and 'you can't see me' gestures, and Bryan won't be the first or the last to try and break him. He says he isn't a parody because he isn't a joke, and he does this for the fans, just like a kid whose wish he granted, and that kid says he'll never give up during treatment. Cena says he does it for the fans wearing his shirt, and he hopes Bryan continues to take him lightly because that's what everyone else thought. Cena says he will beat Bryan like all of his doubters, and he says he's wrestled for twelve years trying to be the best, beating the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H.
Bryan says Cena acts like he isn't good enough, then Cena says he won't put Bryan in the same class until he earns it and wins this title. Bryan says he finally heard the truth and Cena doesn't respect him, and Cena couldn't understand how bad he wants the title because he's an eleven time champion. Bryan says Cena treats this like another match, but it's the biggest one of his match, and he is reminded of a Japanese tradition before a big match. He says they used to slap the opponent as hard as they could, and he wishes he could do that to Cena, but he's not a wrestler. Bryan says Cena doesn't deserve it either, then Cena tells Bryan to slap him and shoves him, then Bryan taunts him a bit until HHH makes his way out. He tries to talk Bryan and Cena down but Randy Orton walks out to the stage, and he holds his briefcase in the air as Cena and Bryan stare him down from the ring.

Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) vs R-Truth
Fandango and Truth have a brief dance off, then Fandango attacks Truth from behind but Truth turns the tables and knocks him out of the ring. Truth calls him to get back it, but Fandango grabs a mic and pronounces his name correctly, then Summer Rae helps him up and leaves.
Result - No Contest

20 Man #1 Contender's Battle Royal (United States Championship)
Everybody attacks each other and Ryback makes two quick eliminations, then he slugs it out with Tensai until he ducks a clothesline and sends Tensai outside. Cesaro nearly takes Titus' head off with an uppercut, then 3MB teams up to eliminate Jimmy Uso while RVD goes after Ryback near the ropes. The fights end up in the corners and Drew tries to eliminate Kofi, but he holds the ropes and slides back in before Ryback goes after him. Kofi hits him several times while Khali chops Wade in the corner, then Truth throws Fandango outside but Fandango runs back in and throws him outside.
We get back from a break to see Titus try to throw RVD out, but RVD blocks it and clotheslines him outside before he goes after Wade in the corner. Kofi tries to eliminate Swagger and Cesaro, then Swagger throws him outside but Kofi somersaults over Cesaro and uses him to essentially kip back up. Kofi sends Swagger back and gets back in, but Swagger grabs him and finally eliminates him before they team up on Mark Henry in the corner. They lift him up but Henry elbows them and shoves them over the ropes, then he clotheslines Wade and throws him headfirst over the ropes.
Ryback gets in his face and chokes him, but Henry hits him and tries to throw him out, only to have Ryback land on the apron. RVD surprises him with a kick but he hangs on, then Henry splashes him to eliminate him and RVD faces off with Henry before putting him in a sleeper. Henry slams him into the turnbuckles and RVD lands on the apron, then Henry charges him but RVD pulls the ropes down and eliminates Henry to win. Henry gets back in the ring and gives RVD as a sign of respect, then he turns to leave but stays as The Shield makes their way through the crowd. They surround the ring and get ready to attack, but Big Show makes his return and The Shield backs away as he makes his way into the ring.
Winner - Rob Van Dam

Paul Heyman comes out and says CM Punk's name a few times, and he says he hears it over and Punk used to live for his love, but now he wants fan acceptance. Heyman says he takes it personally that they took Punk away from him, so tonight he will take the hero worship of Punk away from them. He says he's heard all about how it's a trap and says 'no kidding it is', then he says it was pretty easy to figure out and asks if they want to know the plan. Heyman says he had some help with his plan, then he introduces Brock Lesnar and says he doesn't even need to sell them on the best versus the beat. Heyman says actions speak louder than words and he did something special for Brock, then he plays a video package of Brock attacking Punk over the past few weeks. Brock smiles as Heyman says they know it's a trap, but now they need to know how they came up with the plan, the one that is so simple but suckered Punk in.
Heyman says he's willing to fight Punk tonight, but all Punk has to do is play the hero and fight him... and Brock at the same time. He says Punk would be a stupid hero if he did that, and all heroes are stupid because they have no options, but Punk has a choice tonight. Heyman says Punk has to let the fans down and step down from the fight, then he demands to know if Punk is a smart coward, or a stupid hero. Punk's music cues up but he doesn't enter from the stage, and instead runs in from behind and grabs a camera, beating Brock in the head and back with it.  Brock rolls outside but Punk takes him out with a suicide dive, then he gets a chair and beats Brock with it while he calls him a bitch. Punk corners Heyman and chases him up the ramp, then Curtis Axel runs out but Punk hits him with the chair and throws him into the stage. Punk lifts him up and hits a GTS on the stage, then he stares Brock down and embraces the fans' cheers as the show comes to a close.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WWE TLC 2012 results

The 2012 WWE TLC pre-show kicks off with Matt Striker and Scott Stanford at ringside as fans continue to file into the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. Striker and Stanford talk about tonight’s pre-show match with the WWE Divas and then hype tonight’s card.
- Michael Cole and Josh Matthews talk about the online Slammys. Brodus Clay wins the Slammy for Best Dancer of the Year. Charlie Sheen wins the Slammy for Social Media Ambassador of the Year. The WWE.com Exclusive Video of the Year was Jerry Lawler returning home at the airport after his heart attack. The Slammy for Crowd Chant of the Year is “Feed Me More.” The Slammy for Upset of the Year goes to Daniel Bryan for beating Mark Henry and Big Show at Royal Rumble. The Slammy for Diva of the Year goes to AJ Lee.
Santa’s Little Helpers Match: Alicia Fox, Aksana, Naomi, Cameron, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya, Rosa Mendes
WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres comes out for commentary. The Divas are out next and here we go. Rosa Mendes is eliminated first. Naomi and Cameron double team Aksana. Tamina eliminates Cameron next.
Aksana wastes time on the ropes and gets eliminated. Layla and Natalya go at it now. Tamina comes over and helps Natalya with the double team. Layla drops them both with boots and then hits a double crossbody. Tamina eliminates Layla after she fights with Natalya on the apron. Kaitlyn hits Tamina and Natalya. Kaitlyn and Naomi eliminate Natalya. Tamina runs over Kaitlyn and drops Naomi. Tamina with a big Samoan Drop on Naomi. Tamina and Kaitlyn tangle on the apron now. Naomi pushes them and Tamina is eliminated. It’s down to Naomi and Kaitlyn. The winner gets a title shot later tonight. Eve laughs at them from ringside. They go at it. Kaitlyn misses a dropkick. Naomi dumps her to the apron. Eve runs over and slaps Kaitlyn. Naomi dropkicks Kaitlyn off the apron for the win and the title shot.
Winner and New #1 Contender: Naomi
- After the match, Eve mocks the challenger as Naomi celebrates to Brodus Clay’s music.
- Back to Cole and Matthews backstage with more web Slammys. The Slammy for Insult of the Year goes to John Cena for his jokes on Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. The Slammy for Tweet of the Year goes to Daniel Bryan for talking about his face. The Slammy for YouTube Show of the Year goes to Zack Ryder. The Slammy for Facial Hair of the Year goes to Daniel Bryan. The Slammy for Betrayal of the Year goes to Big Show for turning on John Cena at Over the Limit.
- Back to Stanford and Striker at ringside. They hype tonight’s card some more.
- The 2012 WWE TLC pay-per-view opens up with Lilian Garcia. They sound the bell 26 times for the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy. Lilian thanks everyone and we go to an opening video for TLC.
- The pyro goes off and we’re live from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Cole welcomes us to TLC for WWE’s debut in Brooklyn. He’s joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler.
Tables Match for the #1 Contendership: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
We go to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio for his team. Tables, ladders and chairs are set up on the way to the ring. Sin Cara is out next for his team. The winners of this match will get a future WWE Tag Team Title shot. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are out next. Sandow cuts a promo and disses Brooklyn. Cody rips their facial hair and a small “Cody’s mustache” chant starts. Sandow says they will give everyone something to talk about tonight.
The match starts and they go at it. Sandow and Rey, Cara and Rhodes. They double team Cody and send him out to the floor. Cara leaps off Rey’s back and elbows Sandow in the face. Rey and Cara toss Sandow out and they’ve cleared the ring early. They hit a double slide kick on Sandow and go under the ring for a table, sliding it back in the ring. Cody comes in but they drop him with the table. Sandow ducks it but they kick his legs out. They hit Sandow in the face with the table next. Rey and Cara set the table up now. Rey puts Sandow on it while Cara goes up top. Cody makes the save. Cody throws Rey out of the ring while they double team Cara.
Cody works on Rey outside now. Back in the ring for more double teaming on Cara. They go to double team Cara through the table but he counters and sends Sandow to the floor. Rey stops Cody from attacking Cody. Cara goes at it with Cody and arm drags him across the ring. Cody drops Cara’s face in the corner and hits the Disaster Kick. Sandow whips Rey into the ring post. More double teaming on Cara. Sandow and Rhodes in control on the floor now. They put Cara’s leg in between the steel steps and ram it with a table. They set up two tables on the floor and put Rey and Cara on top of them. Cody runs the ropes but Rey trips Sandow. Rey stops Cody and hits a senton from the top. Rey with the DDT on Sandow. Cody tries to powerbomb Rey but Rey sends him to the floor. Rey leaps from the apron to the floor and takes out Rhodes. Cara leaps in and unloads on Sandow.
Cara takes Sandow out on the floor while Rey brings Cody in the ring for back and forth. Rey goes for 619 and nails it. Rey puts Cody on the table and goes up top. Sandow knocks Rey off the top and makes the save. They hit Rey in the head with a table and he goes to the floor. Cara comes in and takes down Sandow with an enziguri. Cara limps as he sends Cody to the floor. Cara with another big kick to Sandow. Cara tries to springboard in on Sandow but Cody rushes in and shoves Cara out of mid-air, sending him crashing through a table on the floor.
Winners and New #1 Contenders: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
- After the match, officials and Rey check on Cara while Rhodes and Sandow celebrate in the ring.
- We get a video from earlier today from The Shield. Tonight, they’re going to feed Ryback more than he can take. They also have doubts about how much of a team Kane and Daniel Bryan are. They call them a disgrace to all tag teams and say it’s an injustice.
WWE United States title Match: r-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro
We go to the ring and out first comes WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. R-Truth is out next. Back and forth to start the match. Cesaro takes control and gets the first pin attempt. Cesaro with a headlock now. Truth turns it around and takes Cesaro to the mat.
More back and forth action. Cesaro with a submission now. He keeps it locked for several minutes as the crowd boo’s and Truth struggles to get out. Cesaro takes Truth to the turnbuckles but Truth hulks up and fights back. Truth drops Cesaro twice and hits the big elbow off the ropes. Truth with a kick and then the scissors kick. Truth covers for 2. Cesaro looks to come back but Truth kicks him in the jaw for a close 2 count.
Cesaro comes back again. Cesaro hits an uppercut from behind and then the Neutralizer for the win.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro
- After the match, Matt Striker interviews Cesaro in the ring about the fans reaction to him. Cesaro says unlike America, he is an international superpower. Cesaro says he is the greatest US Champion in history. Cesaro says fans are booing their own country when they boo him. Cesaro goes on before hitting the turnbuckles with his title.
- We get a video for WWE’s Tribute to The Troops.
- Josh Mathews is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler talks about how tonight’s match doesn’t make sense. He wants Cena’s career to be over if he wins tonight. Ziggler is actually glad about the match tonight. Ziggler says everything changes tonight.
- We go to the ring and out comes The Miz for another episode of MizTV. Miz brings out his guests – Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal of 3MB.
Slater isn’t happy about Miz calling them a trainwreck. McIntyre disses Jay-Z. Slater knocks the Rolling Stones. Slater says tomorrow night at The Slammys, they will be performing live. Mahal picks a fight with the Spanish announce team. 3MB go down and surround them. Slater says in this country, we speak American. Drew shoves one of the announcers into the other. Ricardo Rodriguez comes down and tries talking to 3MB. They push him up against the apron and rough him up. Alberto Del Rio runs down and takes out all three members of 3MB. Del Rio unloads on them until they get the triple team in. They come in the ring and Miz helps Del Rio. They clear the ring of 3MB. Miz and Del Rio are going to find a partner to face 3MB later tonight.
- Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage. Bryan talks about “Feed Me More” and says he hates it when someone repeats themselves over and over again. Kane asks if he’s kidding. Kane doesn’t care what Ryback says, what’s important is what he does. Kane says bodies will be broken tonight but they will be the ones who do the breaking. Kane says if Ryback is hungry, they will feed him The Shield. Bryan chants yes over and over.
- Matt Striker is backstage with Wade Barrett. Barrett is confident that he will beat Kofi Kingston tonight. Barrett says he will mute Kofi tonight.
WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston
We go to the ring and out first comes Wade Barrett followed by WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Barrett slams Kofi to start but can’t get a 1 count. A chant for Barrett breaks out in the crowd. Barrett goes for another easy pin attempt and another.
Kofi makes a comeback with an elbow and a dropkick. Kofi goes on but Barrett turns it around and knocks him out of the ring. Barrett goes to the floor and works Kofi over. Barrett whips Kofi but he leaps in the ring. Kofi leaps right back out to the floor and takes out Barrett with a dive. Barrett comes back in and hits the abdominal stretch into a slam for a 2 count. Barrett slingshots Kofi off the ropes into a backbreaker for another pin attempt.
Barrett goes on and hits another backbreaker for a 2 count. Barrett goes to the corner and nails a big elbow drop for another pin attempt. Kofi counters a move off the ropes and hits a Russian leg sweep this time. Kofi unloads and hits the Boom Drop. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Barrett ducks. Barrett goes for the big sideslam but Kofi counters with a roll up. Kofi hits SOS for another 2 count. Kofi mounts Barrett in the corner with right hands. Barrett with a big boot and then the big sideslam for another 2 count. Barrett charges but Kofi kicks him in the corner. Kofi with a big crossbody from the top but Barrett rolls through and holds it for a 2 count. Kofi with another roll up for 2. Barrett nails the big sideslam again but Kofi kicks out. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer elbow but Kofi counters with Trouble in Paradise for the win.
Winner: Kofi Kingston
- After a WWE App promo, we see WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman up in their own skybox. Punk says everyone wants a status update on his knee and Heyman says, “fuhgeddaboudit.” Punk says that means it’s none of our business. He rips the Brooklyn fans and calls them animals. He calls Brooklyn the slums of Staten Island. Punk says the fans are just like Ryback – dumb. Punk says Ryback is dumb and lucky because he’s injured. Punk goes on and says he isn’t affiliated with The Shield.
TLC Match: Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
We go to the ring and out first come the WWE Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan. Ryback is out next to a nice pop from the crowd. The Shield are out next with their own music. They finally appear and make their way down through the crowd.
As soon as they make their way to ringside, a brawl breaks out at ringside with everyone. Kane goes at it with Roman while Ambrose tangles with Ryback in the corner. Ambrose with big chops but it doesn’t phase Ryback. Ryback chops Ambrose down. Ambrose counters a slam and kicks at Ryback. Ambrose beats him to one knee and the Goldberg chants start. Ryback comes back with a Thesz press and slams Ambrose’s head into the mat. The Shield rush the ring and beat down Ryback. Kane and Bryan are out. Ryback fights them off but gets knocked to the floor by Ambrose. Kane grabs a ladder but Rollins kicks it into his face. The Shield triple team Bryan now.
Bryan takes a ladder to the head. Ryback comes in and takes he Shield out with a ladder. He beats Rollins and Ambrose with it over and over. Reigns makes the save with a chair. Kane comes in and takes care of Reigns. Bryan with a ton of kicks to Reigns in the corner. Kane props a ladder up in the corner and they whip Reigns into it. Kane whips Bryan’s dropkick into Reigns. Kane covers Reigns for a 2 count. Ambrose takes out Ryback and Bryan on the floor. The crowd chants for tables. Rollins comes off the top but Kane drops him for a 2 count. Kane grabs another chair and a ladder. Ambrose uses a chair on Bryan on the floor. Kane with chairshots on top of a ladder while Rollins is under it. Ambrose comes in and hits Kane with a chair. Ambrose with a DDT on the chair. Ryback comes in and rams Ambrose back into the corner. He does the same to Rollins in the other corner. Ambrose holds Ryback while Rollins shoves a ladder in his gut. They send Ryback head first into the ladder now.
Ryback finally fights off Rollins and Ambrose. Ryback sandwiches them both on a ladder and splashes into it. Ryback grabs Rollins and Ambrose for a double suplex on top of the ladder. Reigns comes in and beats Ryback down before he can punish Rollins and Ambrose any more. They triple team Ryback again with a ladder and a chair. They take Ryback to the floor and hit the triple powerbomb through the Spanish announce table. Bryan finally re-appears and leaps through the ropes, taking The Shield out. He tries to fight them but they beat him down. Kane comes over to even the odds a little bit. Bryan wit chairshots to Rollins in the ring. Ambrose stops him and slams him into the chair. Ambrose beats down Bryan and slams the chair with him. Rollins and Ambrose work over Bryan and taunt him now.
They lay a table over the top rope and work Bryan over some more. We see Ryback still down on the floor. They send Bryan mouth first into the edge of the table and he goes back down. Ambrose and Rollins put Bryan up on the table while Reigns keeps watch on the floor. Ambrose and Rollins climb on top of the table on the top rope and superplex Bryan from it. Reigns with a 2 count on Bryan as Kane makes the save. They turn it around and Kane gets beat down now. They send Kane into the edge of the table now. Now they put Kane on top of the table and climb up with him. Kane fights them off and shoves Rollins out to the floor. Kane leaps off the top and takes Ambrose down. Kane with a splash on Reigns, and another. Kane with a big sideslam and a 2 count.
Ambrose turns it around on Kane and sets up a chair. Kane counters and chokeslams Ambrose through the chair. They end up on the floor again. Reigns spears Kane through the fan barrier and it looks like they took out the timekeeper too. They stack chairs, barrier pieces and other stuff on top of Kane, burying him. The fans chant “this is awesome.” Bryan has Ambrose in the Yes Lock in the ring. Roman reigns rushes the ring but gets caught in the hold. The Shield beat Bryan down again. He counters and goes for the submission on Reigns again. Ambrose breaks the hold and beats on Bryan some more. They set another chair up. Ambrose and Rollins try to double suplex him onto it but he fights them off. Bryan with kicks to both men as the crowd chants. They get the upperhand. Rollins leg drops Bryan’s face into the chair. We see Kane is still down. Ryback breaks a pin and comes back in to clean house. Ryback kicks a chair into Reigns’ face. Ryback with a running powerslam on Rollins. Ryback presses Rollins and tosses him out to the floor onto Ambrose. Ryback slams Reign and grabs a chair. Ryback grabs Reigns but Ambrose runs in and unloads. Ryback nails a spear out of nowhere and Ambrose goes down. Ryback drops Ambrose with the big clothesline. Ryback hits Shell Shocked on Ambrose but Rollins and Reigns break the pin.
Ryback continues brawling with The Shield at ringside. He ends up on the stage. Ambrose drops him with a chairshot to the back. More chairshots to Ryback. Rollins knocks the ladder over onto him as Ambrose hits him with chairshots. Reigns sets the table up and they put Ryback on top of it. The Shield point to a very tall ladder. Rollins climbs up high as Bryan gets up in the ring. Ryback comes to and gets up off the table. Rollins climbs up but Ryback follows. Rollins tries to jump to another ladder but Ryback pulls him off. Ryback pulls Rollins to the floor and he crashes hard through a bunch of tables. Ambrose and Reigns go back to Bryan in the ring now. They double powerbomb Bryan through a table. Reigns covers for the win as Ryback stumbles back to the ring.
Winners: The Shield
- After the match, Reigns and Ambrose head over to the stage area to check on Rollins. We see Kane is still buried under the rubble at ringside. Ryback stares at The Shield as they try to hold Rollins up.
WWE Divas Title Match: Naomi vs. Eve Torres
Back to the ring and out first comes WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. Naomi is out next to Brodus Clay’s music. Eve taunts her and strikes first. We see Brodus and Cameron watching backstage. Naomi turns it around and hits some offense. Naomi with a butt bump to the face, sending Eve to the floor to regroup. Naomi with some nice moves on the ropes. She kicks Eve back into the fan barrier and the crowd pops.
Naomi goes on and shows off some nice moves. She misses a crossbody from the top and turns it around. Eve hits her neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: Eve Torres
- After the match, Eve calls a photographer into the ring and poses over Naomi while she has her photos shot.
- We get hype for Big Show vs. Sheamus. Matt Striker speaks with Big Show backstage. Show says Sheamus hit him with 31 chair shots at Survivor Series but he’s still here.
Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Sheamus vs. Big Show
Out first comes the challenger Sheamus. The World Heavyweight Champion Big Show is out next and the use of steel chairs in this match is legal.
The bell rings and they start brawling. Sheamus takes Show to the corner and unloads. Sheamus mounts Show with right hands but gets pushed to the mat. Sheamus takes the leg out and hits Show with a bunch of forearms to the chest. Show fights out but Sheamus takes his knee out. Sheamus drops knees on Big Show now. Sheamus keeps control and Show rolls out to the floor to re-group. Sheamus grabs a chair and follows. Show stops and back kicks the chair into the mouth of Sheamus.
Sheamus comes back on the floor and takes Show down with a shoulder. Show turns it around again and brings it back in the ring. Sheamus fights back but Show levels him with a big clothesline. They end up back in the ring and Sheamus unloads with chairshots. Sheamus scoop slams Show for a 2 count. Sheamus leaps from the top with a chair in hand and takes Show down again. Sheamus tries the same move but Show spears him in mid-air. Sheamus falls out to the floor and Show tries to get up. Show with chairshots to Sheamus on the floor now. They come back in the ring. Show kicks Sheamus in the head and hits him with a chair some more. Sheamus fights back but Show drops him with a knee to the face. Show keeps control and splashes Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus finally turns it around after catching Show held up on the top rope. They trade shots from their knees now.
Sheamus rams Show in the corner and nails a running knee. Sheamus goes on but Show chokeslams him out of nowhere for 2. Show goes to the floor and gets some more chairs from under the ring. Show starts tossing chairs into the ring. He comes in and kicks Sheamus before grabbing one of the chairs. More chairshots to Sheamus. Show drops the chair on top of him and goes to the second rope for the big splash. He nails it and covers Sheamus for a 2 count. Show sets up chairs for a chokeslam through them but Sheamus counters. Sheamus hits White Noise through the chairs for a close 2 count. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Show moves and Sheamus gets hung up on the ropes. Show nails the knockout punch for another close 2 count. Show goes under the ring and pulls out an extra large steel chair, one made for a big man. Show cracks Sheamus in the back with the massive chair and covers him for the win.
Winner: Big Show
- John Cena is backstage when AJ Lee walks up. She apologizes for going crazy last week and thanks him for being there for her. He says to thank him later tonight when he defeats Dolph Ziggler. She say she can’t wait and leaves.
Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Brooklyn Brawler
We go to the ring and out comes 3MB for the next match. Ricardo Rodriguez is up next to begin the introduction for Alberto Del Rio. The Miz is out next. He says they picked their partner right here from Brooklyn. Out comes The Brooklyn Brawler, longtime WWE employee. Brawler comes out wearing a Nets jersey.
Slater starts off with Del Rio and they go at it. Brawler tags in and takes control of Slater. Jinder comes in but Brawler takes control of him too. Brawler turns around to a superkick from Slater and 3MB turns things around. Drew comes in and continues the beat down on Brawler. Drew suplexes him and covers for 2. Slater comes back in and works over Brawler. Slater misses a second rope splash and Brawler tags in Miz. Miz unloads on Mahal and knocks Slater off the apron. Miz with the big DDT and a 2 count on Mahal. Del Rio ends up diving out of the ring and taking out Drew. Ricardo gets involved. Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale on Mahal and tags in Brawler. Brawler locks in the Boston Crab for the win.
Winners: Brooklyn Brawler, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio
- We get a look at the storyline with John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero.
Ladder Match for Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank Briefcase: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler
We go to the ring and the Money in the Bank briefcase is hanging high as Dolph Ziggler makes his way out first. John Cena is out next and he’s met with boos from the Brooklyn crowd.
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up. Cena drops Ziggler with a shoulder first and the crowd boos him. They lock up again and Ziggler applies a headlock. They run the ropes and Ziggler shows off some. Cena with a headlock now. More back and forth but Cena takes Ziggler to the mat. More boos for Cena. A “you can’t wrestle” chant breaks out now. Ziggler with a headlock but Cena breaks it. Cena with some holds and a suplex now. Cena with a monkey flip out of the corner. Cena tosses Ziggler out to the floor and stands tall in the ring as most of the crowd boos.
Ziggler with a chair shot to the gut on the floor. Ziggler brings it back in the ring and props the chair up in the corner. Cena catches him and slams him face first. Cena tries coming back in the ring with a ladder but gets it kicked into his face. Ziggler sets the ladder up in the ring but Cena stops him. Cena grabs the ladder and hits Ziggler in the face with it. Cena tosses Ziggler over the announce table. Cena grabs part of the steel steps and rams Ziggler in the head with it. Cena sets the table up in the ring but Ziggler trips him up. Ziggler sets the ladder up and they trade shots. Ziggler gets the sleeper hold locked in.
Cena climbs up the ladder while Dolph is on his back. They both fall back and crash through the table that was set up. Ziggler starts climbing back up the ladder but Cena stops him. Cena presses Dolph and the ladder over his head at the same time. Cena tries to toss them out of the ring but Dolph slides off. Cena’s eye is bruised now. Cena fights back and hits his usual moves but Ziggler cuts him off and drops him face first. Cena ends up locking in the STF. Ziggler makes it to the ropes and starts tapping but that means nothing in this match. Cena sets the ladder up again.
Cena tries to use the ladder but it’s blocked. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters and hits the Zig Zag. Ziggler goes under the ring and brings a table in. Ziggler sets it up in the corner but Cena slams him. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the AA but Ziggler counters with a big DDT. Ziggler brings one of the taller ladders back into the ring. Ziggler sets the ladder up and starts to climb. Cena runs up and meets him at the top. They trade shots up high. Cena headbutts Ziggler to the mat. Cena climbs up for the briefcase but Ziggler hits him from behind. They trade shots on the mat now. Ziggler sends Cena into the ladder and it tips over. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits a flying head scissors, sending Ziggler crashing through a table.
Cena has the ladder but Ziggler dropkicks it in his face. The ladder falls back out to the floor. Ziggler tries to send ?Cena into a chair but Cena turns it around and makes a comeback. They end up on the top turnbuckle. Ziggler headbutts Cena down to the mat. Ziggler leaps from the top but Cena catches him and rolls through. Cena goes for the AA but Ziggler blocks it. Ziggler with chairshots, taking Cena back down. Cena counters a superkick and hits the AA but Ziggler rolls to the floor. Vickie Guerrero runs down and brings a chair in the ring. She goes to hit Cena with it but AJ comes down. Vickie swings but AJ ducks and takes her out. AJ spears Vickie and slams her. AJ hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Vickie. AJ celebrates as Vickie rolls out of the ring. Cena sets the ladder up as AJ watches from in the ring. Cena climbs up but AJ pushes the ladder over and Cena goes down. Ziggler looks at her surprised. AJ is upset. AJ stares at Dolph, smiles and skips away. Ziggler climbs the ladder and retrieves his briefcase for the win.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
- After the match, Ziggler celebrates as we go to replays. Ziggler heads up the ramp with his briefcase as Cena recovers in the ring. TLC goes off the air with Cena looking disappointed in the ring.

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